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Software Google recently reported that 300,000 Android phones are activated every day. Many commentators experts expect that Android mobile devices will outnumber Apple devices (iPhone and iPad) by 2012. The explosion in Android devices has resulted in a corresponding explosion in the need for excellent Android app developers.The programming language for the Android operating system is Java.Unlike Objective C, the iPhone language, Java is relatively simple and straightforward language. An Android developer relies on the architecture of the Android device when creating an application. The applications or programs section in the Android architecture contains a set of core programs that come with the Android device. These include maps, calendars, email client, contacts, and others. The applications are written in Java programming language which means an Android app developer may add new applications as necessary. The application framework in an Android is likely one of the most important parts of the architecture for a developer. The application framework is an open development platform developers use to create unique and innovative applications. This framework can be used to help simplify the reuse of components. This means a developer may create an application that can be used by other applications or require some of the core applications to contribute to the new application. In this regard, applications are working together and using the capabilities offered by both applications. The application framework has a set of system services which helps the function or running of the applications. These are also helpful to a developer. The views system includes lists, text boxes, grids and embeddable web browser which can be used in application development . The content provider allows applications to access data from other applications. The resource manager externalizes strings, graphics, and layout files so they maintain independence. A notification manager sets alerts and the activity manager manages the applications. The final three sections in the architecture of an Android are the libraries, Android runtime, and Linux kernel. A set of core libraries in C/C+ programming languages are open to developers. Android runtime contains a set of core libraries and a Dalvik virtual machine. The Linux kernel is a system which provides services on security and memory. About the Author: is the premier source for entrepreneurs and business people to find App developers for Android. Our growing network of experienced U.S. based Android developers and Android App Development companies can assist you with your project – large or small. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: