Analysis of Tiangong two Shenzhou Eleven fly higher test more longer (video)

Analysis of Tiangong two Shenzhou Eleven: fly higher test more longer decryption Tiangong two: intimate design convenient astronaut Temple life on September 14th news, Chinese Tiangong two space laboratory plans to launch 20 day in September 15th. The Tiangong two space laboratory and the Long March two F T2 rocket has been vertically transferred to the launch tower. Sun Hao photo Beijing, September 14 Jiuquan Xinhua (reporter Zhang Su) deputy director of the manned space engineering office Chinese Wuping today said that Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft flight mission, has its own distinctive features and highlights, can be said to be "higher, more and longer test". In September 14th, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center held a press conference to introduce the space lab and rocket development, loading and task readiness. Wu Ping introduced in the Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven manned flight mission with Tiangong-1 (micro-blog) made the above statements compared with the Shenzhou ten manned flight mission which features. In the specific embodiment, Wu pointed out that, first of all, this is the closest to the future of China’s space station requires a manned mission. Manned space flight and docking mission previously are highly developed in orbit 343 kilometers above the ground, and the rendezvous and docking, No. two and Shenzhou eleven combination operation and return of the spacecraft, is highly developed in orbit 393 kilometers above the ground, and the future space station orbit height is basically the same, the the mission is the closest to the future space station requirements. Second, this is currently China’s largest space application project manned mission. China Tiangong two is the first true sense of the space lab, will make full use of the platform support, space microgravity and radiation environment, the astronauts can be a long time resident participation in the test, and advantages of space shuttle, to carry out the test of space scientific experiments and application in various fields, and carry out a number of experiments and space medicine about people, will also carry out the test of the space technology for space station construction and operation technology. The task scheduling application and technical test projects totaling more than 40, a substantial increase than Tiangong-1. Third, this is China’s longest manned flight mission. The Shenzhou eleven mission is Chinese sixth manned space mission, the astronauts will be aboard the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft docking with the Tiangong two, No. two in the sky on the life and work for 30 days, plus independent spacecraft flight on the 3 day, the total flight time from the Shenzhou ten mission 15 days added to the mission 33 day, this will be Chinese now duration of the longest manned missions.相关的主题文章: