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Jewelry-Diamonds Armani Watches If there is one head turning accessory you could wear everyday and yet not look over the top, it would have to be Armani watches. The brainchild of Georgio Armani and worn by all fashion conscious individuals today, these convey a sense of casual and chic sophistication. So if you wish to make a style statement this season, get yourself a fabulous set of Armani watches! The range of choices for men and women! Out of all the fabulous Armani watches available in the market today the Emporio Armani watch seems to be the most eye-catching and popular. Whilst the Emporio range is catering to both men and women, the range of designs is truly astounding. Amongst the men, whilst the Meccanico watch range is all about .bining functionality with sleek dials and designs, the diamond set watch is all about extravagance and opulence. The Meccanico range of watches has a wide range of colours to choose from right from sleek black to amber, to even an unusual .bination of pale lilac and tan. You will find various shapes on the watch dials ranging from rectangular to oval to even round. There are a wide range of dial sizes to choose from. So whether you like big dials or small ones you can be sure to find one that suits your fancy! The bracelet range of Emporio Armani watches .bine elegance with beautiful styles on the watch straps. All straps have beautifully crafted metallic links in them which are sure to add up on the style quotient this season! From finishes ranging from dull matte to glossy shine, there is a style to suit every palate. Amongst the collection of Armani watches for women, each piece is all about fine sophistication and elegance. From beautiful bracelet straps to diamond studded dials, to elegant slim and sleek straps, every watch conveys a sense of youthful spirit. The whole collection is designed to cater to both day and evening wear. Reflect your personality They say a watch says a lot about the wearer. Nothing seems to reveal your sense of style and personality better than Armani watches. Depending on your personality, you can select the shape and style of the watch. For example: if you are feeling bold and in the mood for some water sporting action, try out some of the sleek water resistant black dial Armani watches. If you wish for a more formal appearance then try out the range of Meccanico watches which .e with dual dials for both seconds as well as minutes. With a wide range of subtle and sophisticated colours to choose from, you can surely find a watch to perfectly match your wardrobe. For example, an unconventional .bination of lilac pink on the dial would go perfectly with a light grey blazer. For career oriented women who want to make a winning impression in the boardroom, Armani watches can really help in that effort. From super sleek trim straps to opulent silver bracelets, set off a unique mood each day! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: