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At the same time, the 25 goddesses dating actor   "the golden Bachelor" to play too big — entertainment channel — "the golden Bachelor" Baron Chen depicting love recently, a "male star and 25 goddesses dating" reality show friends much attention this brought by the new mango TV variety "the golden bachelor" was released, then crashing by network hot, new "routine" the true and suction eye, breaking the long silent love reality show, and the audience familiar with the "If You Are The One," we love "and" reality show different, "the golden Bachelor" fun "a pair of star, about amateur novel concept, the reality from a single, boring" studio "into the most real, unscripted life, it wore the first reasonable The name of the legitimate N suction eye foot boat "in the national entertainment field go forward with great strength and vigour, let netizens call: play too big! Is good! The male star openly "foot ship"? "The golden Bachelor" is comparable to the love collection "the golden Bachelor" in the introduction of high-quality American original reality show "the Bachelor", the original program in the United States ABC channel has created high ratings premiere show the history of "large scale content is publicly N foot pedal boat" let ABC channel ratings repeatedly defending its summit, yiyanbuge drove "Madden" routine "is suck the eye burst index table. The original "Bachelor" since its launch in 2002, the United States will hold on to love reality show in the top spot. After the introduction, the modified version of the "Golden Mango Bachelor", is a "dream made down God love real" reality show, which preserves the original "realistic and lively" element, a number of amateur star + goddess "date, more beautiful and fresh style pink, both as" large palace douju "and" idol is sweet pet ", is called the national treasure dating. Baron Chen romantic hidden behind the "cruel" and "the golden Bachelor" in "the golden mask torn Bachelor" program, the 25 men meet all hormones fantasy single, amateur goddess, and the golden bachelor — dating Baron Chen, then, master Baron Chen will tease Mei Daxian domineering character, sweet moves, in his domineering a clear, called "walking the male hormone". It is reported that Baron Chen will also work with the 25 goddesses in the island of Taiwan, Sanya and other hot spots for a beach, in addition, many friends broke the news, "the golden Bachelor", the crew will also go to the "sun" descendants of shooting the Greek ship Bay and the "time" viewfinder love Holy Land recording, even going to to experience the ultimate romantic tropical rainforest in Sanya. However, in this seemingly fantastic show coat, actually will be wrapped in aspect full "cruel" system. For the ten phase of the program, 25 from all walks of life single goddess through competition, eventually leaving only a destiny and Baron Chen matched. "The golden Bachelor" will be completely broken through "love reality show" will be brought into the mask, show the most real, unscripted life, naked "expose" in sexual intercourse).相关的主题文章: