Audi Benz BMW for localization (video) winpm

Audi Benz and BMW compete for the localization of the huge potential China car market, the car enterprises has already reached a consensus, the layout of China market seems to have become a top priority for multinational enterprises, and the strategy of "more and more fire localization". About the localization of multinational enterprises, cultivating Chinese market 28 years Audi was the first to enter the market to Chinese domestic car brand. Recently, Audi localization strategy to further deepen. Volkswagen automatic transmission (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Audi transmission plant officially put into operation, at present, the production capacity of 240 thousand units, and modular production mode for the plant in the next phase of the annual production capacity may be doubled. But in recent years, the localization strategy had not Audi’s exclusive, multinational enterprises have opened to the localization of the wave, Audi’s champion is also able to sit? The localization strategy is to "do", to the consumer as the core to occupy the market. Therefore, the localization strategy in China is becoming more and more fire trend shows that China’s auto market competition intensified. According to the Volkswagen Group released 2016 earnings report, its products accounted for 1/3 of global profits in China, the importance of the Chinese market at a glance. Localization strategy is a good way to capture Chinese market share and profit. Localization is an important part of localization strategy of foreign car enterprises. Compared to the high price of imported cars, joint venture models due to the production plant in China, in terms of price and product supply has a strong advantage. Because of this, Audi continues to promote the localization strategy: from entering the market to China domestic models, to first meet the consumer China standard "extended edition" models, to launch China in view of the current hot market of new energy vehicles etc.. But the localization of the coming wave seems to let Audi in the China luxury car market will show a gold throne micro rock trend, BMW and Mercedes Benz also tasted the sweetness of the localization, step by step. BMW M4 high speed to chase Bugatti, was thrown into the tail can not see the BMW M4 high speed to chase the Bugatti, was thrown into the taillights are invisible according to BMW Group officially released data show that in 2015, the domestic cars accounted for more than 60% of BMW’s total sales in china. Currently, BMW has 3 lines, the Department of the 5, the Department of the travel version of the four models and other domestic models, and plans to reach this year, the domestic model of the 6 models, the next year will launch a new model in. It is understood that, including BMW X3 and some other new models are expected to be localized in the future. And in the continuous promotion of domestic strategy, already has C, E and SUV models GLA and GLC these 4 models of domestic Mercedes Benz also continued to force. Made by the domestic sales have long. According to the Association released data show that as of July this year, BMW sales grew 8.5% to 288 thousand vehicles, sales of Mercedes Benz Mercedes is a surge of between 32% and 257 thousand. While Audi sales growth slowed, an increase of 6.5% to 336 thousand. The gap between the top three in the gradual narrowing, BMW and Mercedes Benz in the continuous market share. In addition to domestic products, BMW, Benz, Audi three luxury brands have been set up in Chinese local research and development center, the development momentum of the localization strategy to be roughly the same. This is undoubtedly the.相关的主题文章: