Beijing, Australia and partners signed six agreements build an upgraded version of cooperatio yuanjiao

Beijing Macao partners signed six agreements of cooperation to build an upgraded version –   Finance — original title: Beijing Macao partners signed six agreements of cooperation to build an upgraded version for a period of three days of the twenty-first session of Macao international trade and Investment Fair (referred to as MIF) 22 sunset under the curtain, Beijing for the first time as a "partner city" with 16 departments, more than 30 enterprises, more than 50 projects with a wonderful debut. At the same time, Beijing and the Macao government launched the "2016 Beijing Macao partner action", signed an agreement of cooperation and exchange projects to promote a series of activities marking the Beijing Macao cooperation from the original focus on economic development, to the various fields of culture, education, sports and tourism, in cooperation to build an upgraded version. The exhibition site guest kitchen cooking robot xiaopang delicacy since 2010, 7 consecutive years Beijing delegation to participate in the MIF exhibition, this year is to become the first "partner city". A large delegation of Beijing sent a contingent of Hong Kong and Macao city, City Council, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the City Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the city and Social Council, the Municipal Commission of Commerce, bureau of culture and Sports Bureau, foreign propaganda office, municipal administration of traditional Chinese medicine, Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee, the Beijing World Park Bureau and Winter Olympic Organizing Committee Liaison Department, the government of Xicheng District, Pinggu district government departments a total of 16 exhibitors participating. Hello, I am Beijing propagandists, can be a photo with you?" The Beijing pavilion a door, greet the distinguished guests — "intelligent robot xiaopang". Its producer Beijing evolution Robotics Technology Co., Ltd., the person in charge, this robot is the first mass production, and enter the market of intelligent home service robot. "Fat" is to create a microcosm of Beijing technology innovation center. The Beijing to charm Beijing, cooperation and innovation and development as the theme, while the establishment of the two exhibition. A pavilion is "Beijing Museum", there are five areas: service trade exhibition showcases the expansion of the service sector background and open innovation initiatives integrated pilot and Beijing intersection; Chinese medicine exhibition showcases Chinese medicine culture and modern services; the main display of the World Park Exhibition in 2019 in Beijing District of World Horticultural Exposition Olympic Exhibition area is mainly the relevant circumstances; show Beijing winter sports and Winter Olympics organizing; Pinggu exhibition showcases music Valley, leisure tourism, modern agriculture and industrial areas of key investment projects. Another area is from Xicheng District is responsible for the "Beijing time-honored Museum", mainly for Beijing time-honored traditional delicacy and cultural heritage show. The exhibition building in the old Beijing Hutong and brick tiles for the tone, so that guests like in the ancient city of Beijing. The exhibition of intangible cultural heritage items and time-honored 12 companies, including Qingfeng buns, Gokokuji snacks, tianfuhao, Lao She Teahouse, Peking Opera, paper cutting and painting. In order to allow visitors to taste the fresh delicacy, Xicheng District field to build a 144 square meter kitchen, with raw materials, on-site selling. The traditional heritage and special snack for Macao audiences from all walks of life all linger. The characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine? Expand humanities exchanges exhibition for the first time in Beijing City Council director Xiong Jiuling introduction, Beijing Macao and negotiations will focus on economic and trade cooperation, the start of the "201)相关的主题文章: