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Beijing Hospital registration reform: cattle he moved to the network of old people by the circle "- Beijing editor’s note:" registration, such as the Spring Festival as a doctor of war." This is the "National Medical Center" of the major hospitals in Beijing almost every day is staged "scenery". The daily average over 200 thousand people to Beijing from reality, overwhelmed in Beijing major three hospitals, more let patients lament "difficult to see a doctor". The "Economic Information Daily" reporters after more than 7 months of the months of research, face to face with the city of Beijing and the 30 hospitals responsible for extensive interviews with patients and experts found that although the Beijing health departments at all levels and hospital made various attempts, since the beginning of this year hit "non emergency comprehensive appointment registration and grading treatment etc." combined ", and achieved initial results, but still faces a number of traffickers lvjinbujue, grading treatment difficult, the hospital is still overwhelmed by such problems, the urgent need to further breakthrough in the system construction. The newspaper from today launched a series of reports on "medical grade (three parts), to readers. Into the "deep water" reform, "registered as a" seeing "rock" runs through the center, needs to get rid of. This year, the Beijing health department launched the non – Emergency full appointment registration reform new deal, opened the PK ‘scalpers’ prelude. "Hit the number of dealers, alleviate the" registration difficult ", the most direct way is to enrich the registration channels, shunting signal source, trying to compress the traffickers down space, making it unprofitable." Director of the Beijing Municipal Hospital Authority Yu Luming introduction, this year, Beijing 22 municipal hospital launched the "non emergency comprehensive appointment registration reform measures. Patients can be through Beijing Medical pass WeChat, self-service registration machine, telephone and other multi-channel real name booking within 7 days of the source. However, "a magic number of high dealers have what new tricks?" "Dazzling registered why make the patients’ mask ‘?" "With" full appointment "and" cancel plus "what errors" and "a" Beijing Tong Medicine "behind the card in the end there are several" mother-in-law "?"…… This series of problems of registration after the new deal, still let a "No." to patients and doctors who are tired of being overwhelmed. "The times" traffickers: "down, he moved to the network, open the" upgrade "Beijing Tong Medicine WeChat reporter saw, each hospital department visits, physician title, source conditions, treatment time at a glance, the registration time of about 3 minutes, and the past few ten minutes compared to the hundreds of on-site registration, save a lot of time. In addition, the Beijing municipal hospital has added about 300 self-service terminals registration machine. According to the Beijing municipal authority statistics, the current Beijing municipal general hospital appointment registration rate exceeded 67%. Beijing Medical pass WeChat daily over ten thousand people use. "Non emergency comprehensive appointment" appears to be broken off traffickers, however, "Beijing Tong Medicine" I just put a WeChat Certified Expert, no?" Why there are so many online professional ‘scalpers’ high selling expert number?" "It really has the legendary" grab the artifact "?" Reporter survey found that scalpers who did not idle, fought in the mobile terminal, the mad rush, playing "network)相关的主题文章: