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Cruising-Sailing Maldives liveaboard diving trips are one of the most exciting and memorable diving experiences for any diving enthusiast. Instead of travelling long distances from the hotel to the dive spot and back, liveaboard diving trips provide a diver with all the luxuries of a hotel room on the boat. The boat cruises around different atolls in the island nation, meaning that you never visit the same dive site twice, unless the divers onboard want to. By diving from a liveaboard, scuba divers are able to relax onboard immediately after finishing a dive, instead of wasting a lot of time travelling back and forth to the resort. Maldives Liveaboard Amenities Liveaboard safari boats in the Maldives provide the same amenities as most hotels. They have hot water bathrooms, air-conditioned rooms, and helpful crew members who will provide you with every service that you need. At mealtimes, you will enjoy freshly-caught seafood as you watch the sun set from the deck. The liveaboard amenities vary with each ship. The more expensive ships have more luxurious facilities like Jacuzzis and massage facilities, but all the ships are very .fortable. To see the best range of liveaboards in the Maldives, including the prices and individual amenities, click here. If you are not a scuba diver, or you feel like taking a day off, you can spend hours relaxing on the tanning deck, sipping on cocktails and take a dip in the clear waters when you get that urge to cool down. Other Liveaboard Benefits Aside from the amenities provided on liveaboard safari ships, there are a number of physical and mental benefits to be gained from scuba diving. Scuba diving is a very physical activity during which you exercise every muscle in your body, thus keeping you in tip-top shape. In addition, the very relaxing, calm, and stress-free environment on the boat and under water gives you that peace of mind that youve been looking for. Prices and Duration of Liveaboard Diving Safaris Liveaboard diving trips last from 6 to 14 nights and cost approximately USD 200 per night, depending on the boat you choose. The price of your liveaboard holiday includes everything you need while on board, except alcoholic drinks, equipment rental and additional excursions If you .pare this price with the cost of staying in any of the Maldives great resorts, you will quickly see that a liveaboard holiday is one of the most accessible ways to explore the Maldives. Requisites for liveaboard holidays in the Maldives. Scuba divers interested in exploring the Maldives by liveaboard should have at least their PADI Open Water certification. Also, it is preferable that they have at least 30 logged dives, although this is not always the case. You should discuss your previous diving experience when booking your holiday. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: