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Top Tourists You Cannot Miss In Bangalore Posted By: kirti_saxena Bangalore is the most vibrant and entertainment focused city in South India. It is the hub of electronic industry and is home to some of the top IT companies of India and the world. The city is also a great residential location as the climate is never extreme, but a pleasant surprise every single day. Probably Bangalore must be the only city in South India, which is infested with large malls in every street corner. The city ebbs with a culture where people of all generations prefer to be on the outdoors than cramped indoors. There is no dearth of 5 or 3 star hotels in Bangalore that provide affordable accommodation all year round. Mavalli Tiffin Rooms Mavalli Tiffin rooms are a reputed brand in South Indian food business since ages. Bengaluru denizens have been outing out this eatery since 1924 where most days it is impossible to get a seat without standing in a long queue. The hotel is famous for its mouth watering south Indian delicacies that are prepared in the most authentic way without the slightest change of the age old practices.

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Hotels In Bangalore Best Tourist Spots In Bangalore Posted By: kirti_saxena Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka state in South India has a new name now-Bengaluru. Vibrancy and liveliness form the main essence of this hi-tech metro city of India. With its salubrious climate and cosmopolitan socioenvironment, it attracts thousands of people every year for exploring different attractions and for discovering the ethos of South Indian culture with its complete vividness. Also known as the silicon valley of India, the city also is renowned by other names such as Air Conditioned City, Pub Capital of India and City of Gardens. Here are some of the best tourist spots in Bangalore that you should not miss during your stay in the best hotels in Bangalore: Vidana Soudha This is a landmark destination of the city and was built in 1954. It is a magnificent building and demonstrates the beauty of neo-Dravidian architecture in full glory. The whole building forms the Legislative Chamber of the government of Karnataka and accommodates several government departments. One of the major highlights of the building is the four domes placed in the four corners of the building.

Best Hotels In Bangalore Bengaluru – A Blend Of Ancient And Modern India Posted By: kirti_saxena Bengaluru, previously known as Bangalore is the capital of the Indian state Karnataka and is the one of the most densely habited cities of the country. Famously known as the Garden city of India and also The Silicon Valley, Bengaluru is growing immensely on the cosmopolitan map of Asia because of the great demand for technology from all over the world. Apart from being an IT capital, this city is Karnataka’s major tourist destination. Bengaluru was founded in 1537 and this vibrant city has been setting records for the country in the sector of Information Technology. Bengaluru is one city which provides a blend of both the old times and the new modern era. Its beautiful parks, lakes, gardens and impressive buildings and monuments take us back to the ancient times, whereas the latest attractions like high class accommodations in the Bengaluru hotels, sport and activities, nightlife and highly westernized sectors of the city give us a peak into the advancement of the modern era. There are several places of sightseeing in Bengaluru. Among the parks are the Lal Bagh which is a botanical garden, The Cubbon Park and Jayaprakash Narayan Biodiversity Park.

Bengaluru Hotels Plan An Exciting Tour To The City Of Bengaluru Posted By: kirti_saxena Bengaluru is the capital city of the state, Karnataka. It was previously known as Bangalore. It is one among the four metropolitan cities of the country. It is also the IT hub of the country also known as the silicon valley of India. The electronics city is also a part of the sightseeing here. Hence it forms a good tourist spot as well with its serene environment and good weather conditions as well. Hence staying in Bengaluru serves a major part of the tourism business in the state. So Bengaluru Hotels is a major contributing part in the revenue through tourism. The city of Bengaluru is located at a height of 3000 feet above the sea level which is the reason of a pleasant weather in this city all throughout the year. Some of the major attractions in Bengaluru are the Bengaluru Fort, Bengaluru Cave Temple, Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre, Electronics City, Brigade Road, Bull Temple, Devanahalli Fort and Business all around the city. Since this is the IT hub of the country, many hotels have taken shape in the area due many visiting professionals along with the visitors.

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Hotels in Kolkata Posted By: kirti_saxena Bengaluru has always been considered as a destination of business owners, people seeking job and people for attaining conferences. Due to the extreme popularity of information technology and business process outsourcing in Bengaluru, it is regarded as the heart of the IT services in India and is referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. It is located in the Deccan plateau at the south eastern part of Kolkata. Bengaluru enjoys a very pleasant weather and is one of the most preferred cities for the business owners. Besides information technology and BPO services, it has been an education city of India, like the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences and others. Thus, Bengaluru is visited by people from all parts of the world with various purposes and hence, there are several types of hotels in Bengaluru, catering to all classes of people; be it business class or general public. Bengaluru has a rich history. Recent proof of settlement of Stone Age has been founded at the outskirts of the city and hence has been a destination of researchers and scholars.

bengaluru hotels Visit Chennai For An Enchanting Vacation Posted By: kirti_saxena If you are lover of the sea and nature, you should never miss a trip to Chennai. Chennai is the proud city to have the second longest urban beach of the world. You can spend some of the best moments of your life along with your special one, strolling along this long beach. Being the capital city of Tamil Nadu, this city is very important in respect of politics, administration, education, trade, commerce and jobs. It is regarded as the most important city in South India along with being an important center of Indian information technology and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Thus, this busy city is visited by a huge number of Indian and foreign population throughout the year, hence hotels in Chennai are of international level, catering to the needs to all classes of people. The first most popular destination of the city is the Marina Beach. This beach destination is never missed by the tourists and even by the people who have arrived in the city to work. The sun rise and sun set at the Marina Beach is enough to act as a stress buster for you.

hotels in chennai Best Time To Visit Bengaluru Happens To Be Throughout The Year Due To Its Moderate Climate Posted By: AAhna Bengaluru earlier known as Bangalore is one of the prominent cities in the southern part of India. Being capital of Karnataka, it has many important places in its beholding. This city is known for its night life where youngsters enjoy their moments with pubs and discotheques. This is one of the most happening cities after Mumbai, where you can feel the leverage of lavish society. Being tagged as Silicon Valley of India, majority of people are direct or indirectly related with IT industry. Apart from this high growth, Bengaluru possess rich historical and cultural values which are showcased by its array of attractions. Its tourism is perfect blend of modern scenic views and historical heritage making is more desirable for the tourists. Places to visit in Bengaluru: Bangalore Palace: This Palace is a true masterpiece of art and culture. Being incepted in the year 1887, it depicts the distinguished Tudor style in which it was constructed by Chamaraja Wodeyar. This palace showcases the elegant art and marvelous sculptures carved on the wooden surface. Cubbon Park: It is spread over 300 acres at the serene of natural surroundings. This park is named after the viceroy of India during the British regime.

Bengaluru Travel Guide Enjoy A Memorable Trip In The Capital Of India Posted By: kirti_saxena India is a country none like the other. The wide ethnicity and the cultural heritage would compel you to come back many more times. And speaking of the capital New Delhi, it is a compelling mix of both the new and modern skyline and the old charm of the past. New Delhi, throughout the course of Indian history has witnessed several events headed by foreigners and nationals; and this has led to a cross cultural feel around the city. Also, being the administrative capital and the democratic capital of the country of India, it has a deep sense of importance in the course of the Indian and the world politics. Be it for political reasons, business or tourist visits; a visit to this grand city called Delhi can indeed change your life. But when you visit an unknown place, you are in dire need of some place to stay and then enjoy your trip. If you are not in a very good place and your purse strings are not too loose; then you need not worry for you have some safe alternatives here in New Delhi. There are many cheap New Delhi hotels to look out for;

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hotels in bangalore Bangaluru – The It Hub Is A Perfect Holiday Destination Posted By: Praveen K Bangalore now known as Bengaluru is the IT or the Information Technology hub of India. Located in the state of Karnataka, it is one of the major metro cities in India. Bengaluru is the third most populated city in India and has some of the most influential families living there. There are various places to visit in Bengaluru, from the world famous Iskcon Temple to the many luxurious malls that the city houses, all of which are spectacular sights and must visit places.. The Forum Mall, Garuda Mall, Malleshwaram Mall are a few malls of the most popular malls of the city and also some of the biggest. Bangalore has world class hotels that offer luxury in style. The Taj, Leela Kempinski Palace and Radisson Blu are just a few of the many luxury hotels that can be named. These hotels provide first class facilities to its customers and clientele, taking care of their every need and making their trip a memorable one. If they are on a business tour, all their issues are addressed and conference rooms are arranged according to their requirements.

Bengaluru hotels Atmosphere Of Hotels In Bangalore – A True Urban Delight Posted By: Anchal Malik Bangalore famously rechristened as Bengaluru is the lifeline of cosmopolitan India. It truly stands for the modernization that India has undergone in the past few decades. This IT hub of the country is a must visit to simply experience the vibrant youth and culture of the country. Every year, millions of people visit Bangalore with multiple purposes. Where some come for the purpose of business, some visit plainly to experience all that the city has to offer and take in the bustling night life. Bangalore is famous for its street food. Thindi beedi, also famously known as the food street is an absolute delight for the people of Bangalore and visitors alike. This place is an idyllic blend of street vendors selling their scrumptious offerings and small shops with youngsters feasting on the same. While you are in Bangalore, make sure to visit some of the famous landmarks such as Surayanarayana Temple, The Bangalore Palace, Tipu Sultan’s Palace, and Vikasa Soudha that are architectural marvels of the city. To get in touch with the nature, plan to visit the Cubbon Park, Lal Bagh, Lumbini Gardens and the Ulsoor Lake.
Hotels in Bangalore Stay At Hotels In Bangalore To Witness Its Beauty Posted By: Anchal Malik Often called the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is a major business and cultural centre of the country. Located in the state of Andhra Pradesh in South India, it is also the state capital. With a pleasant temperature throughout the year, Bangalore is a place everyone wishes to live in. The city is known for its IT hubs with major companies having their head quarters in the region. The city transport facilities have been brilliantly designed to suit the city’s needs. Bangalore is also famous for its recreational activities that include sky diving and other sports. Home of the IPL franchisee Royal Challengers Bangalore, this city is fond of the game of cricket and receives a huge attendance of spectators every year for the matches that are conducted at the local stadium. Apart from this, Bangalore is the music capital of the country. Known for hosting a number of festivals and concerts of top of the International Artists, Bangalore is the Mecca of music for the country locals. With a huge list of International artists performed in this city, it is always the first venue that comes to the mind of a music lover.
Hotels in Bangalore The Lavish And Comfortable Luxury Hotels In Bangalore Posted By: Anchal Malik The Capital of the state of Karnataka, Bangalore is amongst the most developed cities in India. Known by various nicknames such as the Granite City, IT hub, Silicon Valley and Garden City, Bangalore has the caliber of attracting visitors at any given time of the year. A great sense of architecture, beautiful gardens and some majestic libraries and museums make a visiting Bangalore a delightful experience. A perfect assortment of various cultures; traditions and architectural styles, Bangalore could not have developed itself into anything better than what it is today. The cuisine of Bangalore has been much affected by its neighboring cities and regions especially the Keralan cuisine.. The city of Bangalore also has its own local delicacies and culinary secrets which can only be tasted upon visiting the city. While in Rome, do as the Romans do, and when in Bangalore, eat what the Banglorians eat. The local cuisine lays a big emphasis on sambar, rasam and rice. The masala dosa is a mascot dish for the city of Bangalore and its people. This easy on stomach dish is served along with sambar and a number of generous chutneys which perfectly enhance the taste of the dish.
Luxury Hotels In Bangalore Enjoy Cricket And Stay In 5 Star Hotels To Maximize Your Excitement Posted By: Anchal Malik Popularly known as the IPL, the Indian premier league is a much awaited cricketing tournament held every year. First held in the year 2007, the IPL has been a major trend in the cricketing fraternity. A perfect mix of game and glamour, IPL is the major reason of the huge influx of tourists every year. IPL has given rise to both controversies and revolutions. Said to have changed the perspective of the people towards the game of cricket, IPL is no less than a perfect entertainer. The 20 over format is much liked and appreciated by the young generation as well as others. The format has greatly overshadowed other formats of the game. The nail biting last ball finishes make the IPL matches quite popular and entertaining. A total of nine teams namely Chennai super kings, Royal challengers Bangalore, Rajasthan royals, Mumbai Indians, Delhi daredevils, Pune warriors, Sun risers Hyderabad, Kolkata knight riders and Kings 11 Punjab compete against each other in the 50 day long tournament and to win the glorious IPL trophy. The involvement of International players from all around the world makes the tournament even more interesting.

5 star hotels Get Fascinated By The Hotels In Agra In The Town Of Taj Mahal Posted By: Anchal Malik A majestic land fostering its biodiversity and in-dwellers, India is truly a nation that is one of its kind. It has plentiful tourist attractions and is visited by people from every corner of the world. Agra being one of the major tourist destinations in India attracts travelers in great numbers each year. Located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Agra is famous for its architectural excellence which was at peak during its days as the capital of the Mughal Empire. Agra is often associated with the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal, which has been included in several listings of the 7 wonders of the modern world. Other beautifully architected forts, palaces and monumental buildings of this small town manifest the artistic brilliance of the people belonging to the Mughal dynasty. A visit to this city is a must so as to witness the magnificence of the masterpieces which include: 1.Taj Mahal: Considered to be a symbol of love, this enchanting mausoleum is famous across the globe not just for its beauty but also for the history associated with it.
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