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The Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (bhrt) Posted By: rossbrian

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy The Process Posted By: Chimerenka Donald Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a type of hormone replacement therapy that uses hormones with chemical structures similar to those produced naturally in the body. This makes these supplemental hormones to easily work with the body. Today, we would be looking at the typical process a patient would need to go through to get this highly customized and individualized therapy. The first thing anyone would need to do is to find a qualified BHRT Physician. Needless to say, the success or failure that would be recorded during this therapy would largely be based on the expertise of the practitioner. Remember that every BHRT session is tailor made to suit each patient. When you approach a BHRT Physician, the first thing s/he would do is get your full health history. Certainly, the question that would be asked would be targeted at finding out more about the symptoms, what causes it, what exacerbates it, what reduces it etc. All these would help the Doctor determine what hormones are out of balance either due to a deficiency or excessive supply.

bioidentical hormone replacement therapy A Response To The Plos One Testosterone Study From Gary Donovitz Md Posted By: Gary Donovitz MD You may have read a recent report in the medical journal PLOS One that found an increased risk of heart attack in men given a testosterone supplement. I believe that this study is inaccurate, disingenuous and riddled with errors. My name is Gary Donovitz MD, and I am the Medical Director of BioTE Medical, the largest hormone replacement company in the United States. My position gives me a unique understanding of the science and application of testosterone replacement supplements, which is why I find the PLOS One study to be erroneous at best and potentially dangerous at worst. Here is just a selection of the biggest issues with the efficacy of the PLOS One study: * Collection Method: This so-called testosterone study involved absolutely no lab data pre or post therapy, leading to a large possible margin of error. * Previous Data: The authors of this study cite Veterans Administration Study reported in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA 2013). This is a problem as the conclusions of that study are misstated. Notably, men with testosterone levels exceeding 300 ng/dl were not included in the study, massively swaying the data.

gary donovitz Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy – How It All Began Posted By: Chimerenka Donald Change is said to be the only constant thing. Though there is always a call for all to embrace change, we all know that not all change is welcomed with open arms. One such change is – Aging. Over the years, people have battled with the changes that come with aging. Women especially have had to deal with the issue of menopause and the changes it brings about in their bodies. There would not have been many complaints if these changes were just that – changes. Women have been forced to seek medical help because these changes are many times painful and uncomfortable. Some of the symptoms that women are forced to deal with before, during and after menopause include: depression, irritability, short-term memory lapses, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and weight gain. To solve a problem, it is necessary to first identify the root cause. Menopause is defined by Wikipedia as a cessation of the woman’s productive ability. Since this article is mainly for the everyday woman (or man), we shall seek to keep it as non-technical as possible so that everyone can read and understand the idea behind BHRT fully.

BHRT Hormonal Replacement Therapy For Men To Cure Andropause Posted By: Steven Brown 2
hormone replacement therapy for men Doctor. Of Naturopathic Medicine Posted By: Rainer Fischer

acupuncture Reasons That Necessitates The Use Of Hormonal Treatment Posted By: Steven Brown 2 There are different factors that would precipitate the need for BHRT. BHRT stands for bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy. The ancestors did not need such a treatment, so the article discusses the following reasons that given birth to the need of this treatment. In the last century, there was a rapid growth of the commercial agriculture and factory farming of animals. The civilization would be now prone to this factory production and not adhere to the different natural gatherers. Fewer and fewer people began to live on this processed and refined food. This pesticide driven food items increased the chances of the bio identical hormones Charlotte. The food items that most of us consume today are filled with chemicals or too oily and therefore subpar in the nutrients. The human genome has hardly altered in the last few thousand years. Therefore, we can safely conclude that all our nutritional requirements remain the same irrespective of the geographical location of the individual. Therefore, we can safely conclude that if we fail to provide the appropriate amount of nutrition to our body, we would be all adversely affected.
bio identical hormones Charlotte nc Do Men Benefit From Natural Hormone Therapy? Posted By: Stuart

bioidentical hormone replacement Use A Natural Alternative – Replacement Therapy With Bioidentical Hormones Renton Posted By: Albert Cox This article contains information about bioidentical hormones and how people benefit out fo using them. For those people who were undergoing menopause or andropause, there were very few treatments in the previous years. But with the advancement of science and technology, there is now a new path available for those who want to get rid of the anxiety that comes with age. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a natural substitute for any other form of synthetic hormone replacement. Bioidentical hormones Renton residents would like to know, are artificially manufactured hormones that are chemically the same as those that used to be there in your body but have been lost due to age, or those that are found in excess in your body due to some kind of hormonal imbalance or any other hormones that are causing problems in your physical self. Estrogen and progesterone are the most commonly manufactured bioidentical hormones; however, more use of this technology is currently being researched in a number of places. Why go for this therapy? There are many women who go through agonizing years because of the hormonal changes that take place in their bodies during menopause.

bioidentical hormones Renton Bioidentical Hormone Restoration Therapy- What It Is And What It Does Posted By: Samuel
hormone replacement Glendale All About Hormone Replacement At Huntington Beach Posted By: Phil Bichai Estrogen has become quite a tricky problem for women in today’s era while making hormone replacement therapy as one of the hot topics of discussion in medicine right now. This is typically because it promises to relieve the symptom and in slowing down the aging symptoms amongst the menopausal women. Still, synthetic hormone replacement therapy is quite a complex topic as it threatens the overall health of many women who opted for synthetic hormones for getting relief from their menstrual mood swings, hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. However before delving any further it is significant to realize that natural menopause is not any disease and it is absolutely a normal event in every woman’s life, which occurs when she stops having her mensuration. Although menopause is typically related to aging and usually occurs around the age of 50 however, it can still occur due to a number of other circumstances. For example the surgically induced menopause however occurs if you have your ovaries removed. This is where Bio identical hormone replacement at Huntington Beach plays its pivotal role in resolving the acute loss of hormonal support.

Hormone replacement Huntington Beach What Are The Differences Between Hrt And Bhrt? Posted By: Harbor Compounding HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy)are two totally different methods of treating Menopause and Andropause. HRT are synthetic drugs, chemically derived and synthesized in a laboratory, with hormone like effects produced by the pharmaceutical industry, such as Premarin and Prempro, and considered the traditional SOC (standard of care). BHRT are created from natural sources of plant hormones which match the chemical structure of hormones produced by the human body (biologically identical). They are made from either soy or yams and compounded by a compounding pharmacy. Bio-Identical Hormones are available in Sublingual drops or troches, Capsules, Gels and foams, Suppositories, Topical or vaginal creams, Patches, and Injectable prescriptions. Hormones are in the news daily. Menopause and Andropause have become popular topics of discussion on morning talk shows, internet radio shows, the mainstream media and pharmaceutical commercials. There are over 47 million menopausal women in this country alone. Women want answers so they naturally turn to their healthcare providers and pharmacists for help. Much of the news for the past 10 + years has been negative where HRT (hormone replacement therapy California) is concerned.

compounding pharmacy Beat The Menopause (& Man-o-pause) Posted By: Richard Clarke
personal trainer swansea Necessary Factors For Hormone Replacement Therapy – Straightforward Advice Posted By: Maxwell Reimel Men with low level of testosterone can be treated with hormone replacement therapy. Cortisol deals with stress through mechanisms such as raising heart rate and increasing the blood supply to critical tissues (2). Hormones provide several different roles inside the human body thus it is important that each person maintains a balance which is specific to them. A woman’s progesterone level diminishes, along with that of estradiol, as she approaches and enters menopause and, in most women, drops to low postmenopausal values. *Increase drive AND motivation. In this condition what happens is the hormones in men like the testosterone, thyroid and adrenal hormones start declining. Exercise will start to become easier and result will begin to show. To stop the onset of night sweats you should try treatments, as I have previously mentioned, such as natural hormone replacement therapy. Usually, this treatment is done for men who have low testosterone level. Discuss case studies including the use of the bio-identical estrogens, natural progesterone, and testosterone with saliva hormone profiles for different hormonal imbalance states. Results from the First National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES I).
how to increase growth hormone There Are Ways To Get Customized Prescription Medication Posted By: Patrick Thompson

Toronto pharmacy The Many Advantages Of Getting Your Prescription Medication From A Compounding Pharmacy Posted By: Patrick Thompson Customized license plates, ringtones and phone cases are just a few examples that showcase each individuals desire to cater to their personal preferences. Personal trainers develop work out routines that best fit their clients needs. Diet plans are adapted to match the unique requirements of the person following them. It is obvious that most people today want products and services that best suit them as unique individuals. The world of medicine should be no different. There is no need to settle for a mass produced prescription medicine when you can just as easily obtain one that is created for you personally. Compounding pharmacists are here to do just that. Create customized medication for you, your family and even your pets. Like the apothecary of old, compounding pharmacists gather materials and bring them together to create medicines on an individual basis. Most medicines today are mass produced and work as a general treatment for everyone, without taking into consideration that all people are different. Perhaps there is a medication out there that will treat your medical condition, but it might contain ingredients that aggravate your allergies, or perhaps causes unwanted side effects.

Compounding pharmacy Toronto The Lost Art Of Compounded Prescription Medications Posted By: Patrick Thompson Compounded prescription medications were the dominant prescription medications until the middle of the 20th Century. Since that time the market trend has been dominated by corporate pharmaceutical manufacturers that design medications according to particular combinations and designate the recommended usage for the final product. These products have measured amounts of both active and inactive ingredients, but the dynamic of the compounding prescription medication necessity has clearly changed. The government still allows pharmaceutical professionals to continue this process, but recommends low dosages and short time periods for usage of these medicines. The vast availability of manufactured prescription medications has impacted the market extensively, but it is still necessary to compound specific active ingredients for certain patients. This practice also includes compounding chemicals that effectively provide the same desired result as a manufactured product, but the recipe is altered because of possible allergies or other complications. It also includes the "bio-identical" concept of compounds such as compounded medications for treatment of menopause. These medical compounds are marketed as an effective hormonal substitute for chemicals that are depleting naturally in the body, which is what occurs during menopause.

Compounding pharmacy Toronto Know Your Options For Getting Hormone Therapy Medication Posted By: Patrick Thompson Custom hormone therapy medication is available through compounding pharmacies. These type of pharmacies custom make medications for individuals based on a prescription from the individual’s doctor. Compounding pharmacies are able to compound medications that may not be commercially available or that are ineffective for the patient in the commercially available dosage or have some ingredient that the patient cannot tolerate that must be left out of the formulation. Many doctors prescribe custom hormone therapy medication for their patients and this is the only effective way to treat their condition. There are commercial hormone therapy medications that are widely available that have been the subject of long term studies and have been approved for use. These medications contain standard doses of the active ingredients that have been proven to be safe and effective overall. But there are many women who are not helped by these medications and their doctors prescribe different doses that must be compounded. Custom compounded hormone medications raise concerns because the formulation or recipe prepared by the pharmacist based on a doctors prescription for the individual have not been scientifically approved.

Compounding pharmacy Toronto Where To Find Custom Medications Posted By: Stacy Robinson

Compounding pharmacy Toronto Why A Compounding Pharmacy Is The Best Place To Get Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Medication Posted By: Patrick Thompson

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