BlackBerry 10 dead BlackBerry may provide system authorization to third parties

BlackBerry 10 is not dead: BlackBerry may provide a system authorized by Tencent technology, according to foreign media reports, blackberry announced this week, after the launch of the mobile phone business for 17 years, will no longer own production of mobile phones. BlackBerry said to the media, interested parties in the future may be the production of BlackBerry brand mobile phone third. In addition, blackberry blackberry 10 operating system may be authorized to use other vendors. Since the development of the first mobile phone in 1999, BlackBerry smartphone market in the face of fierce competition between apple and samsung. BlackBerry has confirmed that it will no longer own mobile phones, but will focus on providing software licensing. Many people believe that this means that BlackBerry will authorize the company to develop software, and its integration into the Android product package. However, it now appears that BlackBerry will also provide an independent operating system, namely BlackBerry 10 system authorization. Blackberry mobile sales senior vice president Alex (Alex Thurber), said: we will continue to support the BlackBerry 10 operating system ·. Some companies are interested in obtaining system authorization and applying them to their mobile phones. If this is a stable business model in the future, we will work with third party vendors. However, we are not sure whether we will do so." BlackBerry also lists the conditions of the company in the future may get BlackBerry 10 system license. BlackBerry said the new phone manufacturers must comply with strict requirements. BlackBerry CEO Cheng Shouzong recently pointed out: we will be careful to choose partners. We hope to achieve positive results, the contract is very long and complicated, we are involved in each link. We’ll see what happens in every aspect of the manufacturing process. We will continue to inject our hardware capabilities at the right time." It is unclear whether the success of blackberry to interested partners to complete the hardware and software platform of authorization, or BlackBerry independent hardware business destiny would make mobile phone manufacturers at a distance. (compile Li Wei) recommended: focus on AI generation micro signal (tencentAI), reply to the "Standford", can get the Stanford University report: artificial intelligence and life in 2030 Report Download link.相关的主题文章: