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British media: Chinese 80 year old uncle T Taiwan star brave dream example original title: British media: China 80 year old uncle T Taiwan star brave dream the example Reference News Network October 15th British media reported that, in Chinese for the rapid aging of the social concerns, "the most handsome gentleman" it turned out for the world to provide the best advice against the invasion of the years. According to the British "times" website reported on October 13th, the 80 year old Wang Deshun is an actor, but also from time to time will Cameo model, by virtue of a strong physique, elegant gray hair and beard the demeanour of a transcendent being Wang Deshun in the last year, the overnight explosion of red, this old man. As a T station serves to set off a the storm in the China fashion week, healthy and positive attitude towards life that he has become a model for the elderly China. Reported that, recently, Wang Deshun appeared not release the film "Mr. Sheng Hua" reporter, in this movie, starring Wang Deshun as the role of a demented elderly. In an Internet video, after the explosion of red Wang Deshun to the audience showing his own voice, he said to T station serves to this day, he had spent 60 years preparing. The actor Wang Deshun was born in Shenyang at the age of 24, the 49 year old founder of the other. After coming to Beijing, he became a "Beijing", no house no car, everything from the beginning, at the age of 50, he first entered the gym. Wang Deshun said to the fans, to fully develop their potential, and the "too late" excuse to fight. "No one can stop you from success, except yourself." According to the British Independent newspaper website reported on October 13th, since last year, naked upper body on the T platform, 80 year old Wang Deshun was hailed as China’s most handsome uncle. As an actor, Wang Deshun starred in the "king of Kung Fu", "heaven and earth heroes," and other films, but also for China Fashion Week contributed to his T Taiwan virgin show. He topless on T stage, strong physique, bronzed skin and elegant gray hair, staged the most shocking scene for Chinese fashion week. Reported that, with a healthy image of Wang Deshun, with his own "should never be used as an excuse to give up the old," the slogan of China’s growing concern about the challenges of aging society. Wang Deshun said: "believe me, human potential can be tapped. You must be careful when you say it’s too late. It could be an excuse for your retreat. No one can stop you, except yourself." Source: Reference News Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: