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Health "The Truth About Building Muscle" by Sean Nalowanyj is a .mon sense fitness and nutrition program that shows you how to build muscle mass, increase strength and burn off excess body fat. The muscle-building program is based on the law of progressive overload and shows you how to use more weight with more repetitions to build strength as quickly as possible. By cycling a specific series of weight lifting exercises and following a sensible nutritional routine, you can build ripped muscles without the use of nutritional supplements, a personal trainer, high tech equipment or illegal drugs. Some of the secrets "The Truth About Muscle Building" will reveal include: * The way to build strong, ripped muscles in just 2 hours and 45 minutes each week. * Why gaining strength is the single most important factor for gaining muscle. * The reason why popular terms such as the burn and pump really don’t work. * How to calculate your own perfect diet based on your goals, along with the exact amounts of carbohydrates, protein, water and fats to maximize your ability to build muscle. * The secret of how to block out muscle pain for a .pletely beneficial workout every time. * How to keep your body in a constant anabolic state to build muscle 24 hours a day. * The proper techniques and cycling for weight training routines. * Effective, 15 minute cardio workouts that burn fat without losing muscle. * How you can use the critical three hours after you workout to propel weight gain. * Unbiased reviews of 20 of the leading body-building supplements. All of these techniques are outlined in everyday language that is easy to understand. The 249 page eBook also .es with 7 supplemental bonus gifts, which make it easier for you to develop your fitness and nutritional routine based upon your personal goals: * 26 Week Workout Plan and Printable Log Book; * Full Exercise Database featuring full motion video of over 100 of the most effective weight lifting exercises; * Three months of personal, one-on-one email support with 24 hour responses from Sean himself; * Online Muscle Building Video Lesson Series; * The Top 12 Mistakes Revealed, an MP3 audio course; * MGT Progress Tracker 6000, a 3 month membership to a software that you can use to track every detail of your individual muscle building program; * Lifetime ebook updates. So if you’re looking to build muscle mass and strength, you might want to consider trying "The Truth About Building Muscle." This unique weight lifting and nutritional program allows you to customize a program to build strong muscles and burn fat without supplements, subscriptions or a personal trainer. The program features outstanding support, including personalized online advice from its creator, at a realistic price. The result is incredible muscle growth and strength that you didn’t even know was possible. About the Author: By: L-TEN ORG – LTENprovides life sciences training and education professionals with the Clarity, .munity and Career resources they need to excel in leadership and learning. LTEN has a platform called LTEN Career Center that lists life sc … By: Michael Black – Fitness is essential for everybody. A lot of people think having suitable fitness is difficult, it in fact isn’t. The fitness guidelines within the next post will aid you be.e healthy. 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