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CAS-1 evaluation: 6000 yuan desktop small size, SONY this biological son really not too SONY – Sohu technology from 2014 to 2016, SONY video products are also greater changes in the direction of. In the first half, SONY still focuses on mobile video. In addition to the October 2014 NW-ZX1, as well as a year after the flagship NW-ZX2 and XBA-Z5, XBA-Z7 flagship three giants, from the entry to the end are some simple small change and change color version of the WALKMAN. Among them, SONY’s "monitor" series, MDR-ZX600 finally ushered in the update two years ago. Although a little effort on the unit, but also launched a full package of MDR-ZX770AP. But users have always felt that this is only the SONY AP of the people, the introduction of products, Multi Coated small improvement mechanism under the product. The second half of 2015, the "h.ear" series, SONY’s painting techniques have become perfect. From the wear to the ear, from the player to the wireless speaker, can be incorporated into the "h.ear" system. Since the launch of MDR-EX750AP, a multi product plus the star effect, has become a golden formula to maintain so far. By 2016, SONY video on the product center moved to the home video department. They finally put aside the dense color of the h.ear, re use of wood, black guns, some of these elements to make a stable product. Today love van child (micro signal: iFanr) to get started with this CAS-1, is the product of this era of output. This is a set of compact small size exclusive speaker combination if you want to mention the desktop with a simple audio device, the user should be the first time before thinking about the launch of the UDA-1. But UDA-1 is an entry-level amplifier, its subsequent and advanced products should be in the front to TA-ZH1ES as the representative of the. CAS-1 is a simple integration solution. It consists of power amplifier TA-CA1 and a set of 2 speakers. TA-CA1 did not follow the TA-ZH series or on the UDA-1 before the metal wire processing, but instead of using a black matte matte surface. To feel good, can provide enough sense of friction grip. Just, matte surface is difficult to clean oil, hand more users should pay attention to. The speaker of the shell is white birch wood, real overall quality than official and some dark. Box accounted for the space is not too large, the area is larger than a Xperia Z3. Even if the comparison is a portable player NW-ZX100MH, CAS-1 with the box will not be too much. SONY to do the hole in the bottom of the box, the interior is also equipped with a catheter, this design is mainly in order to effectively introduce air into the box. At the same time, Bo相关的主题文章: