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Zidane Real Madrid has been ahead of the end of the league defeat to Atletico in my responsibility 法拉利599gto

Zidane: Real Madrid has been ahead of the end of the league defeat to Atletico in my responsibility Zidane believes Real Madrid win has no hope of sina sports news Real Madrid 0-1 lost the derby, in a news conference after the match, the team coach Zidane admitted that the media, Real Madrid won the league’s journey ahead of the end. "Even though we have a league game to play next Wednesday, this season’s Spanish Liga is over for real madrid. We’re not going to lose this season. We still have challenges. That’s what I want to say." Zidane told reporters. After losing the game, the gap with the Real Madrid second Ma Jing has been widened to 4 points, if tomorrow Barcelona can win, then the gap with Barcelona Real Madrid will reach 12 points. As Zidane said, the first league champion after he took office has been drifting away. About today’s game, Zidane said: "today we played very hard, we lost the game. I’m very dissatisfied with what we’re playing today. Atletico also played in the Champions League on Wednesday, and their recovery time was shorter than ours, but looking at their performance on the court was obviously better than ours. We’re not good enough to prepare for this game. We need more running in the face of a team that played on Wednesday." Zidane hinted that Real Madrid will change, "next year there may be changes, players or coaches.". But now we have to go on, because we have a common goal." Zidane also said that he would go to sum up experience, make improvements: "the team lost in my responsibility, although the game is the player playing, but in my responsibility. I will make a good summary of the lessons of failure, and will not let these problems happen in the next game." A reporter asked why he will be replaced midfielder Benzema, Zidane replied: "some problems of the body of Benzema, he was unable to run, we do not want to bear the risk of injury, for the sake of insurance, I changed him down." (Marco)

齐达内:皇马联赛已提前结束 输给马竞责任在我 齐达内认为皇马夺冠已经无望了   新浪体育讯  皇马0-1输掉了同城德比,在赛后的新闻发布会上,球队主帅齐达内对媒体承认,皇马联赛夺冠之旅已经提前结束了。   “尽管我们下周三还有联赛要踢,但对皇马来说,本赛季的西甲联赛已经结束了。我们不会就此丢掉这个赛季,我们还有挑战。这就是我想说的话。”齐达内对记者说到。在输掉本场比赛之后,皇马同第二名马竞的积分差距已经被拉大到了4分,如果明天巴萨能够获胜,那么皇马同巴萨的积分差距将达到12分。正如齐达内所说,他上任之后的第一个联赛冠军已经渐行渐远了。   关于今天的比赛,齐达内说:“今天的比赛我们踢得非常困难,我们输掉了比赛。我对我们今天的发挥感到非常的不满意。马竞周三还踢了欧冠的比赛,他们的恢复时间比我们更短,但是看看他们在场上的表现,显然要比我们好的多。我们对本场比赛的准备做的不够好,面对一支周三踢过比赛的球队,我们需要更多的跑动才行。”   齐达内暗示皇马将会有改变,“明年可能会有变化,球员或者教练。但是现在我们必须继续下去,因为我们还有共同的目标。”   齐达内也表示,他会去总结经验,做出改进:“球队输球责任在我,尽管比赛是场上的球员踢的,但是责任在我。我会去好好总结失败的经验教训,不会让这些问题在下场比赛中发生。”   有记者问道为何他中场就将本泽马换下场,齐达内回答道:“本泽马身体有些问题,他在场上不能全力去奔跑,我们不想承担受伤的风险,为了保险起见,我把他换了下去。”   (Marco)相关的主题文章:

China carbon valley green gold Huaibei industry planning meeting will be held – Anhui Channel – Peop zngay

"China carbon valley green gold Huaibei industrial planning and comments will be held in Anhui, Channel – the morning of November 25th," Chinese carbon Valley? Green gold Huaibei "industrial planning will be held for comments. City leaders Huang Xiaowu, Dai Qiyuan, Li Ming, Zai Xueming, Zhu Haodong, Shen Guang Ji, Qian Jie Shu attended the meeting; Guoxing holding executive director, President of Limited by Share Ltd, the president of China International Holdings Limited Geng Hongxin, a united country Investment Holdings Limited chairman Huang Shu East, the state information Center Director Li Weili attended the meeting. At the meeting, Li Weili introduced the "Chinese carbon Valley? Green gold Huaibei" industrial planning about the situation, Geng Hongxin and Huang Shudong introduced the specific conditions of the project, the relevant leaders and departments responsible comrades put forward opinions and suggestions on planning. "Chinese carbon Valley? Green gold Huaibei industrial planning adhere to green low-carbon, cluster intensive, high-end applications and open cooperation development strategic positioning principle, aiming at a demonstration area, a new high, the development of a demonstration base, an ecological economic circle, promoting the city’s comprehensive innovation experiment from 3 to 5 years, the basic construction of long-term mechanism to promote comprehensive reform and innovation, and strive to make new achievements in science and technology, cultivate carbon industry of Traditional Resource-based Industrial Transformation and upgrading, open innovation and new production integration of the city etc.. Huang Xiaowu, chairman of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee secretary, in his speech pointed out that the "Chinese carbon Valley? Green gold Huaibei" strategy in line with the development of the concept of the five, the spirit of the central and provincial requirements, in line with the actual Huaibei, Huaibei is a scientific way of resource exhausted city insist on innovation lead, go green low-carbon development path, and in our city is about the approved national low carbon city development pilot city consistent with the requirements of the transformation of Huaibei, and the rise of the significance of sustainable development. Huang Xiaowu stressed that the implementation of the transformation of Huaibei’s rise, the key lies in the party, the key person, especially the leading cadres of the party. To focus on the industrial innovation concept, vigorously promote the overall coordination, strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency, inverted time node, compact compaction responsibility, a solid job of planning and implementation. To be proactive as, strengthen the responsibility to play, the province and the city is being carried out in the "line, see action" and "Huaibei to study and discuss what, I rise for the transformation of what the big discussion activities together, mutual integration, mutual promotion, make learning become the change of concept and the perfection of process measures, pay close attention to the implementation of the new results to promote the transformation of Huaibei rise to. To learn foreign experience, with national think tank "brain" to the development of Huaibei, central and provincial for land, taxation, electricity and other aspects of policy support, to create a new brand investment, round China carbon Valley? Green gold in "dream, to achieve a green low-carbon development. Departments at all levels should strengthen communication and docking, the special planning department and the "China carbon Valley? Green gold Huaibei" industrial planning docking, make industry planning more scientific and more practical, more workable. Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Dai Qiyuan presided over the meeting pointed out that "Chinese carbon Valley? Green gold Huaibei" strategic stations is high, Fang Xiangming, accurate positioning, pointed out the direction for Huaibei in the next five years or even longer development. Dai Qiyuan requirements, related)

“中国碳谷-绿金淮北”产业规划征求意见会召开–安徽频道–人民网 11月25日上午,“中国碳谷?绿金淮北”产业规划征求意见会召开。市领导黄晓武、戴启远、李明、沈光继、宰学明、朱浩东、钱界殊出席会议;国兴金控股份有限公司执行董事、总裁,国经环球控股有限公司总裁耿宏鑫,国创联合控股投资有限公司董事长黄书东,国家信息中心处长李伟利参加会议。 会上,李伟利介绍了“中国碳谷?绿金淮北”产业规划有关情况,耿宏鑫、黄书东介绍了具体项目情况,与会市领导和市直有关部门负责同志对规划提出了意见和建议。 “中国碳谷?绿金淮北”产业规划坚持绿色低碳化、集群集约化、高端应用化和开放合作化发展原则,瞄准一个示范区、一个发展新高地、一个示范应用基地、一个生态经济圈的战略定位,通过3到5年时间系统推进我市全面创新改革试验,基本构建推进全面创新改革的长效机制,力争在碳科技产业培育、传统资源型产业转型升级、开放创新以及新型产城融合等方面取得新成果。 市委书记、市人大常委会主任黄晓武在讲话中指出,“中国碳谷?绿金淮北”战略符合五大发展理念、中央精神及省委要求,符合淮北实际,是淮北资源枯竭型城市坚持创新引领、走绿色低碳发展之路的科学途径,与我市即将获批的国家低碳发展城市试点市的要求相吻合,对淮北转型崛起及可持续发展意义重大。 黄晓武强调,实现淮北转型崛起的目标,关键在党,关键在人,特别是党员领导干部。要创新理念聚焦产业,统筹协调强力推进,增强做好工作的责任感和紧迫感,倒排时间节点,压紧压实责任,扎实做好规划的编制和实施工作。要积极主动作为,强化责任担当,把我省和全市正在开展的“讲看齐、见行动”学习讨论与“淮北转型靠什么、我为崛起做什么”大讨论活动结合起来,相互融合、相互促进,使学习讨论的过程成为转变观念、完善举措、狠抓落实的过程,以崭新业绩推动淮北转型崛起。要学习外地经验为我所用,借助国家级智库“外脑”发展淮北,全力向中央和省里争取用地、税收、用电等方面政策支持,打造招商引资新品牌,共圆“中国碳谷?绿金淮北”梦,实现绿色低碳发展。各级各部门要加强沟通对接,将部门专项规划与“中国碳谷?绿金淮北”产业规划搞好对接,让产业规划更科学、更符合实际、更有可操作性。 市委副书记、市长戴启远在主持会议时指出,“中国碳谷?绿金淮北”战略站位高、方向明、定位准,为淮北今后五年甚至更长时间发展指明了方向。戴启远要求,相关部门要仔细思考,精心打磨,进一步完善,统筹考虑新型城镇化、陶瓷铝产业扶持、建立淮北市与国际前沿科技交流互动机制等方面问题,让产业规划更有前瞻性和指导性,更好引领淮北未来发展。 市经济开发区、市发改委、市经信委、市规划局、新型煤化工基地主要负责同志等参加会议。 (责编:刘颖、张磊)相关的主题文章:

Urban Management Bureau will be asked television political when I chased the city, the author win7codecs

Urban Management Bureau will be television politics   "my day" when the inspectors say the authors – Shaanxi channel — original title: Urban Management Bureau will be television politics "my day" when the inspectors say the authors before an article entitled "when I chased the day" the excerpts from the article in WeChat friend the circle is widely spread, the authors claim to have done the inspectors in Xi’an, the paper recorded their work during the part of the law enforcement process and the mentality, caused a lot of friends and other inspectors with public sympathy. Xi’an’s "television politics" will usher in the fourth phase tonight, the current acceptance of politics is Xi’an city administration. China Daily reporter recently removed links to the author of the article artikujt (should the parties request anonymous) and interviewed him. "There are a lot of city planning unreasonable" China Daily: you left this line because there is a better place to go to? How long? Artikujt: purely personal reasons. I have not been urban management for five years, but, as far as I know, the current Xi’an urban management work is basically the same as I wrote in the case. At the end of last year, after the institutional reform, the functions of the city garden Bureau were accepted, and now the urban management work plate is bigger. China Daily: "when I chased the day" is the real work and soul records? Or a rendering component? Artikujt: This is I don’t do this for later wrote, hoping to leave some memories for the work, is also a kind of memorial. The text has more than 30000 words, is forwarded on the Internet is just a small part of chapters, some art expression way in the paper, not necessarily all objective and comprehensive. China Daily: mention of urban management, a lot of people seem to not see what good impression? Have working experience from you, why law enforcement in the awkward position? A: I personally think that the law enforcement and in the weak position of the hawker stalls are almost irreconcilable contradictions. From the root, from the point of view of urban development, there are many unreasonable urban planning. For example, I want to get up and walk on weekends to buy vegetables, then, our most densely populated areas around, but there is no planned food market and supermarket, I think fixed, large, many markets are unable to meet people’s demand at any time and place of consumption. If there’s a market for demand, a tricycle selling fruit on the side of the road, if the fruit doesn’t sell, you let him stall, and he won’t go. Vendors can exist because of the city’s commercial forms and urban planning are unreasonable places. "The city tube is good for the public" China Daily: do you think it is difficult to eliminate the contradictions and reasons it is difficult to avoid the embarrassment? Artikujt: said earlier, this phenomenon is difficult to eliminate, no blocking, it depends on the sparse. But the city management can not allow the full street free growth, and it is difficult to sparse, it can only return to the old road blocking. Many vendors are making a living, you do not let his stall, he would earn less, do not make money, how could he? You put him away from the East Street, he will go to the West Street, South Street, because he will not accept criticism and education do not go home. What should the city management do? Can not hit, can not be scolded 城管局将被电视问政 《我当城管的日子》作者这样说–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:城管局将被电视问政 《我当城管的日子》作者这样说   日前,一篇名为《我当城管的日子》的节选文章在微信朋友圈广为传播,文章作者自称曾在西安做过城管,文中记录了自己工作期间的部分执法过程和心路历程,引发不少同为城管的网友和其他市民的共鸣。   西安市“电视问政”今晚将迎来第四期,本期接受问政的是西安市城市管理局。华商报记者日前辗转联系到文章的作者阿文(应当事人要求匿名)并采访了他。   “城市规划有很多不合理之处”   华商报:你离开这行是因为有了更好的去处吗?转行多久了?   阿文:纯粹个人原因。我不做城管已经有五年了,不过,据我了解,目前西安城管工作基本上还是像我文章中写的那种情况。去年年底机构改革之后,接纳了市容园林局等的职能,现在城管工作盘子更大了。   华商报:《我当城管的日子》是真实的工作和心灵记录?还是有渲染的成分?   阿文:这是我不做这行以后写下的,希望能为当时的工作留下点回忆,也算是一种纪念吧。全文有三万多字,在网上被转发的只是小部分章节,文中有一些艺术化的表达方式,不一定全部客观全面。   华商报:提到城管,很多人好像没有什么好的印象?从你曾经的工作经验看,为什么城管执法处于尴尬无奈的地位?   阿文:我个人认为,城管执法与处在弱势地位的小摊小贩这个矛盾几乎是不可调和的。从根源上说,从城市发展程度上讲,城市的规划上就有很多不合理之处。比如,我想周末早上起来走路去买菜,那么,我们人口最密集的小区周围,却没有规划的菜市场和超市?我觉得固定的,大型的很多市场都是满足不了人们随时随地发生的消费需求的。有需求就有市场,马路边上卖水果的三轮车,如果水果卖不出去,你让他在那摆摊,他都不会去。小摊小贩能存在,就是因为城市中商业形式和城市规划都有不合理的地方。   “把城市管好也是为了市民”   华商报:那你认为矛盾难以消除和尴尬难以避免的原因?   阿文:前面说了,这种现象很难消灭,堵不行,那就要靠疏。但是城市管理也不能任由满大街地自由生长,又很难去疏,那就只能回归到堵的老路上。很多摊贩是以此谋生的,你不让他摆摊,他今天就少挣钱、不挣钱,他怎么可能愿意?你把他从东大街撵走,他就会去西大街、南大街,他不会因为接受批评教育就回家去不干了。这时候城管又该怎么办?不能打,不能骂,只能暂扣经营用具。那么问题来了,谁会站在原地等你敬礼、亮证、宣读条例,把东西让你暂扣?为了暂扣东西,那就不可能不推搡,在这样的对抗中,大家就会就自己看到的场景,认为城管执法是一种强行影响弱势群体的行为,是一种不让老百姓好过的行为。而城管是城市管理的执行者,这群人就是以此为职业的人。   华商报:从你过往的城管经历来看,就如何把城市管理好有什么好的建议吗?   阿文:总体上讲,对待流动摊贩,宜疏不宜堵。对待其他领域如建筑、门店门头牌匾审批、户外商业宣传、现在加上了市容园林局,还有树木的管理,宜堵不宜疏。既要加强人性化的部分,还要树立法律的权威,加强执法力度,这就需要法律保障。要加大违法成本,对敢于暴力抗法的,就需要公安加以保障。对弱势群体,也要充分提高执法人员的素质,加强教育,以温和教育为主,不到万不得已,不要暂扣。   我还有一个建议,就是不要试图以一份文件解决所有问题。很简单的道理,得让群众有地方买菜,小贩有地方卖菜,街道整齐干净,这才算管好了。地铁口的摩的多久都去不掉跟卖菜是一个道理,因为有人需要在地铁口转乘,归根到底是最后一公里的问题没有解决好。城管工作还需要细致入微地解决问题,与现在强调的属地化管理是契合的。既要有科学的规划,法律的保障,也要有细致入微、人性化的、贴近百姓的视角。总之,把城市管好也是为了市民。   “做城管 最需要的就是被认同”   华商报:你所了解的城管这个群体的大致心态是怎样的?   阿文:我觉得大家都迫切需要被认同。我这篇文章在网上被扩散后,被我之前一些同事看到了,他们都很激动。做城管一方面累、烦,另一方面还招人骂。往大的说,没有尊严感,为人民服务了,却处处被骂。往小的说,大家的工作没有成就感,没有人说你一句好,所以最需要的就是要被认同。华商报记者 肖琳   下一页:《我当城管的日子》(节选) (责编:任志慧、王丽) 原标题:城管局将被电视问政 《我当城管的日子》作者这样说   《我当城管的日子》(节选)   其实我是一名好城管   工作中最常见的就是日常劝离和检查时候的清场了。队长经常对我们说,不要经常去扣别人的东西,那些人都不容易。让他走就好了。如果说了不听,态度恶劣,再去暂扣。越恶劣,就越要暂扣。   在长期的执法“暴力”中,我的上肢力量在无数次抢夺中得到了骇人的加强,奔跑速度和耐力也有了显著的提升。在绝大多数人眼里,我们从不干好事,甚至不干人事。有时候觉得挺讽刺的,说我们最多次“流氓土匪”的,未必是那些摊贩,但是对我们说最多次“我理解你们”的,可能真的就是那些摊贩……   其实最渴望的是群众的理解。当对“城管”这两个字彷佛带有先天偏见的人群对我说理解我的时候,才会真的有一种苦尽甘来的感觉,有时候这种甘甜,会提醒我更加注重仪容规范和执法程序,尽可能做到不辜负那份理解。   在我负责的辖区,有一个卖水果的摊贩,我们叫他老刘。老刘在这条街上经营水果多年,相貌苦楚,他媳妇儿和儿子也在用三轮车卖水果,夏天的时候,他卖水蜜桃,媳妇儿和儿子卖削成块的菠萝。那天我告诫了两次最近检查,上班时间别在老地方卖了,老刘嘴上答应但一直没挪窝,我们只好采取没收工具的办法。那天我和小强,辛哥出手利落,三轮车被扣后老刘突然佯装发了狂,趁我们不注意突然拿起了三轮车上的秤,我也是后来才知道,无论是车还是桃,其实都不如那杆秤重要。在马路边的水果车上永远别去指望足斤足两。老刘突然紧紧攥住了秤砣。这个铁疙瘩要是被突然扔出去,砸到人行道上的群众,是很危险的。我和小强加大了手上的力度,可能动作有些大,群众中冒出了一个尖锐又挑衅的声音说,哎,收东西就收东西,干嘛打人?   我把好不容易夺下的秤砣举到他面前说,师傅,我们没打人,您看看,这玩意要是被他扔出去了,砸到谁怎么办?我们也没办法,就是害怕出事啊。那名群众的表情立刻从鄙夷转为了理解。那一瞬间我真觉得有一股暖流流进了我的心田。这是我第一次感到了群众的理解。   我刚刚上班的时候,月薪是2850元,后来升到了3150元,后来又升到了3750元,数字的上升伴随着物价更快的上升。举办世界园艺博览会的那一年,城市管理压力空前巨大,局里在大会上下了死命令,一定要不留死角!之后,我们雷厉风行地展开了一系列清理钉子户的行动,并且遇到了在我当城管的日子里最为难忘最具创意的一次暴力抗法。   辖区有个人叫老贾,带着媳妇和儿子小贾一起摆摊。他唯一的好处就是只在夏天推着冰柜卖饮料。队长那天专门让所有人员取消休假一起前去,大家把老贾媳妇团团围住。老贾的冰柜在广场这种地方无电可用,冰镇饮料靠的是冰柜里盛的凉水和浸泡在其中的大块冰砖。谁能料想老贾媳妇突然跳进冰柜里,起初在冰柜里还对着我们叫骂,队长说,连人带冰柜一起抬走。大家就要去抬,无奈这个盛满了饮料和冰水的冰柜,加上一个肥硕的老贾媳妇,还真是不好抬上卡车。队长让我们松手,冰柜倒在地上,满冰柜的饮料和老贾媳妇像是被一条解冻的河流冲到广场上。老贾媳妇儿全身湿透,瑟瑟发抖地抱住队长的大腿就是一口。这一口后来成为了她被拘留的关键证据。   在我负责的辖区有一排古玩商店,人流量较大。那天我们中队对这排商店所在的小道清理整治。在一家商店门前我发现了一大块玻璃,我对那家店的女老板说,你把这块玻璃收回去吧,这是公共区域,人流量又这么大,万一把谁划伤就不好了。20分钟后我回来一看,那块玻璃还在那里立着。我又说你把这块玻璃收回去吧。泼辣的女老板说,关你屁事。我咬咬牙没吭声,把玻璃拿起来,我说,我给你拿回来,可以了吧?女老板冷笑一声说,事真多,你看你抱着那玻璃跟抱着你先人一样。我把玻璃拿进她店里,她突然狠狠地推我一把,我的胳膊被玻璃划开一道长长的口子。血流了出来。我把玻璃放下,要求她向我道歉。女老板说,不道歉,你能把我怎么着?我打电话报了警,说有人暴力抗法。   在派出所里,我把事情的经过讲了一遍,民警问女老板,是不是实情?女老板说,我忘了……我记得那天临近下班时,我委屈地坐在广场上哭,内心充满了脱下制服进去把她店砸了的冲动,再也不干这份工作了。后来队里的同事都来安慰我。局领导还找我谈了话,说这样的事情要自己内心学会调节,这是没办法的。   自从参加城管工作以后,我的父亲经常在我回家吃饭的时候说起一些城管的新闻,基本都是城管打人的。他主要的意图是告诉我,上班要多注意安全,也要注意形象。我心想,安全,那种东西不是我操心就能顾全的。关于城管的新闻前三位分别是:城管打人,城管打人。第四位是,城管被打。第五位是,城管青年相亲见面提及职业时女性悄然离去。   后来我想办法离开了城管执法局,但每次想起那些共过事患过难的同事们,真是令人怀念。回忆往昔,我还是有胆子说,其实我是一名好城管,很好很好的城管。   摊贩们说:我们也不愿被东追西堵   王师傅是陕南人,儿子在西安工作,他跟着孩子一起在西安城南一小区附近居住,几年前,闲不住的他看到小区里很多居民不愿意坐车去几站外的菜市场和超市买菜,就一大早去菜市场批发蔬菜,在小区门口卖,卖菜时间久了,有了不少老主顾。“原来在小区门口卖菜时,经常要来回跑,因为城管撵呢,咱也能理解,但是也是为了生活,东奔西跑惯了也没啥,我年龄大了,城管一般也都能理解,他们一说我就走了,也倒没起过大冲突。”王师傅说,一年前,小区里面对外出租小铺面,儿子帮他在小区里面租了一块小场地,他再也不用担心城管来检查了,“现在肯定好多了么,说实话,都是下苦的人,谁愿意做点小生意还在街道上被人撵得跑来跑去。”   相比王师傅,老方就显得很懊恼,他在西安走街串巷卖应季水果,售卖地点也不固定,“说实话,那些人就烦得很,不知道整天检查啥?基本上就没有不被赶的时候,卖个水果提心吊胆,在家日子好过谁喜欢在外面风吹日晒挣这个辛苦钱,我一天到晚也就挣个百十块钱,三轮车被扣过,钱也被罚过,忙到底也落不着个啥,要是有个固定地方安顿下来,钱挣得少最起码人心里踏实,我掏不起那些租铺面的钱,也不知道这种日子还要过多久。”华商报记者 肖琳 (责编:任志慧、王丽)相关的主题文章:

Hubei Yihua into environmental pollution disputes by means of sewage straight row of the Yangtze Riv gigolos

Hubei Yihua into environmental pollution disputes by means of sewage straight row of the Yangtze River and Hubei Yihua chemical Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Hubei Yihua") production workshop organic branch insurance powder illegal dumping wastewater event continues after a year, once again pushed to the dock. In September 13th, Hubei Yihua announcement said that in September 9th the company received the Hubei intermediate people’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the "Hubei Hanjiang hospital") trial "the plaintiff China biodiversity protection and Green Development Fund (hereinafter referred to as" Chinese green hair ") to inform the company and subsidiary company v. Hubei Yihua industry limited company of environmental pollution liability dispute case, the case will be held in September 27th in the court hearing. It is understood that, as early as last September, "Hubei Yihua insurance factory illegal waste toxic industrial waste water" in the local villagers to report publicly, which caused widespread concern. Yichang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in the investigation immediately after to Hubei Yihua issued a fine of $100 thousand administrative penalty and ordered to stop production rectification rectification "decision. However, recently a number of local villagers and volunteers to "Chinese business daily" reporters reflect, Hubei Yihua industry limited company of phosphogypsum slag field still exist pollution problems, Hubei Yihua had publicly promised "gradually for the phosphogypsum field soil and other environmental protection measures are not in place. Recently, the reporter visited the survey on Hubei Yihua phosphogypsum slag field and the surrounding villagers. For these problems, the morning of September 13th, which is also in Hubei Yihua published prior to the announcement of the above, the reporter called Hubei Yihua secretaries office, the staff said, do not accept any form of interviews, all to the company announcement, the reporter repeatedly call Hubei Yihua Miqiang Dong Wei, the mobile phone has no answer, as of press time interview the letter also no reply. The illegal dumping of wastewater as the country’s largest urea production enterprises, Hubei Yihua annual production capacity of the total production capacity of about 5%~6%. However, with the continuous expansion of production capacity, Hubei Yihua pollution complaints like a swing away "Curse", the company repeatedly pulled into the vortex of public opinion. According to the reporter, in September 7, 2015, a Hubei Yihua group insurance factory illegal waste toxic industrial wastewater "real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing net post pollution problem of Hubei Yihua left on the table. Local villagers after a week of filming, Hubei Yihua insurance flour mill the general one day two times directly steal row, one is about 7 o’clock in the morning, one night about 7 o’clock, directly with the waste water transport truck, after about 30 minutes, arrive inside the pavilion area, special sewage site directly discharge". Hubei Yihua phosphogypsum residue field satellite map and surrounding villages distribution in September 9, 2015, Hubei Yihua announced that the Yichang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Environmental Monitoring detachment, environmental monitoring station of Yichang city and district environmental protection departments on-site investigation, Ting wastewater preliminary verification, net posts reflected in water company insurance powder production distillation and synthesis reactor equipment dry cleaning, washing tank, discharge site for phosphogypsum slag, insurance powder production workshop has been required by the environmental protection department.

湖北宜化陷入环境污染纠纷 被指污水直排长江   湖北宜化化工股份有限公司(以下简称“湖北宜化”)有机分公司保险粉生产车间非法倾倒生产废水事件持续发酵一年后,再次被推上了被告席。   9月13日,湖北宜化公告称,9月9日公司收到湖北省汉江中级人民法院(以下简称“湖北汉江中院”)开庭审理“原告中国生物多样性保护与绿色发展基金会(以下简称‘中国绿发会’)诉本公司及子公司湖北宜化肥业有限公司环境污染责任纠纷一案”的通知,案件将于9月27日在汉江中院开庭审理。   据了解,早在去年9月份,“湖北宜化保险粉厂违法偷排剧毒工业废水”事件经当地村民公开举报后,即引发社会广泛关注。宜昌市环保局在调查取证后随即向湖北宜化下发了“罚款 10 万元,责令停产整治”的行政处罚及停产整治决定书。   不过,近日多位当地村民和环保志愿者向《中国经营报》记者反映称,湖北宜化肥业有限公司磷石膏渣场等依然存在污染问题,湖北宜化此前公开承诺的“逐步对磷石膏渣场进行覆土”等环保措施也并未执行到位。   近日,记者对湖北宜化磷石膏渣场现场及周边村民进行了走访调查。对于上述问题,9月13日上午,也就是在湖北宜化公开发布上述公告前,记者致电湖北宜化董秘办,工作人员表示,不接受任何形式的采访,一切以公司公告为准,记者多次致电湖北宜化董秘强炜,其手机一直无人接听,截至发稿时本报采访函也未获回复。   非法倾倒生产废水   作为全国最大的尿素生产企业,湖北宜化年生产能力占全国总产能的5%~6%左右。不过,随着生产产能的不断扩大,湖北宜化的污染投诉就像一个挥不掉的“魔咒”,屡次将公司拉进舆论旋涡。   据记者了解,2015年9月7日,一则“湖北宜化集团保险粉厂违法偷排剧毒工业废水”的实名举报网帖将湖北宜化的污染问题抛上台面。当地村民经过一个星期的跟踪拍摄发现,湖北宜化保险粉厂“一般一天进行两次直接偷排,一次是早上7点钟左右,一次是晚上7点钟左右,直接用运输废水的卡车,经过大约30分钟车程,到达�亭区里面专门的排污地点,直接排放”。 湖北宜化磷石膏渣场卫星图及周边村庄分布   2015年9月9日,湖北宜化发布公告称,经宜昌市环保局环境监察支队、宜昌市环境监测站和�亭区环保部门现场调查初步核实,网帖中反映的废水为公司保险粉生产设备精馏塔、合成釜、干燥釜冲洗清污的废水,排放现场为磷石膏渣堆场,保险粉生产车间已按环保部门要求停止生产。   对此,《中国经营报》曾以《屡陷“偷排门”湖北宜化被斥“无社会责任感”》为题在2015年9月底进行了公开报道。   当年10月8日,经宜昌市环境监察支队现场调查,湖北宜化保险粉厂存在的环境违法行为包括:“生产废水通过罐车转移出厂,非法倾倒于湖北宜化肥业有限公司磷石膏渣场,属于逃避监管的方式排放污染物。”宜昌市环保局对湖北宜化作出了“罚款 10 万元,责令停产整治”的行政处罚。   而根据湖北宜化此前公告,保险粉项目年产10万吨,于2009年9月一次性开车投产,至今已运行7年。   不过,湖北宜化表示:“保险粉业务收入占公司营业收入的1.5%,非主营业务。”   被指污水直排长江   事实上,当地村民针对湖北宜化涉嫌污染的投诉举报从未间断,其中,与湖北宜化生产厂区仅一路之隔的云池村、下马槽村等投诉较多。据下马槽村一位村民介绍,多个村组距离宜化生产厂区不足100米,“家门口就是宜化的大烟囱”。   “水的颜色白天看着还是清澈的,到了晚上经常会泛起白色、黑色或者黄色的物质,一些地方都不长草。”当地一位村民指着家门口前面的一条沟渠说道。 湖北宜化运输磷石膏废渣的卡车   9月12日,本报记者在湖北宜化厂区周边的云池村、下马槽村等多个村庄和隐匿于山野间的两个废渣堆场进行了实地调查。采访期间,湖北宜化多辆满载灰渣的运输车沿山间公路被运往渣场直接倾倒。为防止外来人员入内,渣场周边有多位人员值守,记者在当地村民带领下才得以最终深入现场。   本报记者调查发现,除此前经当地村民举报引发关注的磷石膏渣场外,湖北宜化在厂区周边云池村附近的山林里还有另一个废渣堆场,泛着白色、黑色的废渣被倾倒于山野间,废渣低洼处积存有大量泛黄的污水,散发出刺鼻的气味,污水汇集后顺地势流入到沟渠中。   湖北宜化肥业有限公司磷石膏渣场废渣堆积如山,污水下渗汇集成一个泛着白绿色的湖泊,公司此前承诺的在渣场表面覆土等措施也尚未兑现。图为渣场现状。   “渣场污水经下渗汇入流经云池村的一条沟渠,最终直排长江了。”中国绿发会一位环保志愿者表示。   而此前因湖北宜化保险粉厂非法倾倒生产废水引发关注的磷石膏渣场也未有改观。记者深入渣场现场了解到,渣场废渣堆积如山,同样未采取防护措施,污水下渗汇集成一个泛着白绿色的湖泊,公司此前承诺的在渣场表面覆土等措施也尚未兑现。   对于上述情况,记者带着现场拍摄的照片和视频,来到宜昌市环保局了解情况。该局办公室一位工作人员建议记者到污染防治科询问,污染防治科工作人员则称领导不在,无法回答具体问题。   远未兑现的环保承诺   据了解,早在今年3月17日,汉江中院即下发《案件受理通知书》(2016)鄂96民初7号,决定立案受理中国绿发会诉湖北宜化、湖北宜化肥业有限公司关于环境污染责任纠纷一案。   中国绿发会认为,湖北宜化将生产废水倾倒于湖北宜化肥业有限公司磷石膏渣场导致废水渗入,污染面积达 500 亩,对周边居民的生产、生活和身体健康造成严重影响,对附近水库和长江水域带来极大安全隐患。   针对中国绿发会的诉求,今年4月8日,湖北宜化公告称,非法倾倒保险粉项目生产废水一事,已由宜昌市环保局依法处理完毕,公司已按照宜昌市环保局宜市环法〔2015〕256 号行政处罚及停产整治决定书的要求停产整改到位;已经处理的环境违法行为,并未造成现场及周边环境污染,未对地下水造成不良影响;磷石膏渣场是严格按照国家环境保护法律法规要求建设的磷石膏堆放场所,项目具有经环境保护部门审批的环评报告,并通过了环保部门的环保竣工验收,相关手续合法齐全;公司废水在线监控系统、废气在线监控系统联网数据显示,各项指标一直以来都是达标排放。   而关于汉江中院决定再度开庭审理“环境污染责任纠纷案”的缘由,湖北宜化在9月13日的公告中表示,今年5月24日在湖北省汉江中级人民法院的主持下,公司与中国生物多样性保护与绿色发展基金会自愿达成和解协议,但“在本案和解协议公告期间内,原告中国生物多样性保护与绿色发展基金会对和解协议反悔,要求继续审理本案”。 磷石膏渣场一角   对于“终止和解,请求法院开庭审理”的原因,中国绿发会表示:“在协议公告期间,绿会接到大量社会公众、志愿者的来电来函,反映宜化仍存在严重的污染问题,并对协议提出质疑。绿会针对社会公众提出的新证据及意见非常重视,并立即启动与两被告的协商程序。在法院主持下,经多次协商,双方无法达成一致意见。在此情况下,绿会决定终止和解,请求法院开庭审理。” 湖北宜化厂区   中国绿发会一位环保志愿者表示,根据双方的和解协议,第一条即为“湖北宜化保险粉生产线,对环境污染的危险行为已经消除”,但根据最新的调查,这些隐患并没有消除,当地目击者称每隔一两天湖北宜化就会拉着保险粉废水倾倒于渣场,拍了照片和视频举报给各级环保局,但环保局目前暂未给出答复。   对于湖北宜化环境污染责任纠纷案的审理进展情况,《中国经营报》记者将持续予以关注。   湖北宜化肥业有限公司磷石膏渣场废渣堆积如山,污水下渗汇集成一个泛着白绿色的湖泊,公司此前承诺的在渣场表面覆土等措施也尚未兑现。相关的主题文章:

Interpretation the new Infiniti VC-T 2.0T engine with black technology – Sohu car seaway

Interpretation: the new Infiniti VC-T 2.0T engine with black technology? The development of Sohu automobile engine has gone through hundreds of years of history, although it has now formed a very mature and perfect technology, but its development is not accomplished overnight. First, the development of vehicle engine is to increase the power and power as the goal, until the last century the United States in 20s GM engineer to solve the problem of the engine combustion detonation, and the compression ratio is increased from 4 to 8, greatly improving the work efficiency of the engine. At the same time, Britain’s Ricardo and his collaborators to improve the combustion chamber, its power increased by 20%. But this is not enough, after repeated tests, in the middle of the last century, engineers finally in engine equipment turbo, so that the pressure to 1.4-1.6 atmospheric pressure, this revolutionary achievements will be onto the peak of automobile engine technology. Now, the engine technology more and more extreme, lightweight, small displacement, high efficiency and high environmental protection is the goal, the world’s major car chase enterprises at the same time, the automobile engine is facing a crisis and challenges hitherto unknown, large displacement engine has been difficult to adapt to the requirements of the times, the engineers can only continue to squeeze the small displacement engine potential. In the face of limited displacement, how to achieve higher horsepower output, has become the bottleneck of many car prices insurmountable. Under this background, Infiniti brought VC-T 2.0T engine with a new, stunning black technology suddenly the entire automotive industry. The VC-T 2.0T engine in its production models on the use of variable compression ratio, according to different working conditions, the compression ratio was adjusted freely in the range of 8:1-14:1. To know the current market generally engine compression ratio only between 9:1-12:1, compared with the same level of engine fuel economy, it improves the whole 27% (collocation CVT gearbox), to achieve a good higher fuel economy in the premise of the finite displacement. Variable compression ratio is not very fresh, because it has been applied in many engines, such as TOYOTA, Mazda L Atkinson 1.8 engine Chong Chi blue engine and so on, but the variable compression Infiniti has its own set of standards than the technology but, whether its actual result is satisfactory? And look down. VC-T 2.0T engine can output 272 horsepower maximum power and peak torque of 390 cattle · m, in the daily traffic jams can be done under the fuel consumption of 5 liters per hundred kilometers or so, thus, the engine did not langdexuming. Of course, VC-T 2.0T engine is not a transitional product, but a breakthrough in the reform of automotive engines. In addition, this engine is a good combination of the Otto cycle and the Atkinson cycle. When you need a powerful driving force, the engine system using Otto cycle mode, to ensure the power enough; if the condition of low load, then switch to the Atkinson cycle, so as to maximize efficiency, to obtain the best fuel saving effect. The combination of the double circulation system can be r相关的主题文章: