Central bank August RMB loans to the real economy increased by 796 billion 900 million mcncc

Central bank: August issue of RMB loans to the real economy to increase the exposure of 796 billion 900 million Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Preliminary statistics, in 2016 1-8 months of social financing scale increments totaled 11 trillion and 750 billion yuan, more than last year, more than 1 trillion and 100 billion yuan. August month social financing scale increments of 1 trillion and 470 billion yuan, more than last year, more than 360 billion yuan. Among them, the month of the real economy issued RMB loans increased by 796 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 21 billion 300 million yuan; the real economy issuance of RMB and foreign currency loans increased 7 billion yuan, an increase of 69 billion yuan; an increase of 143 billion 200 million yuan loans, an increase of 23 billion 400 million yuan; trust loans increased 73 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 41 billion 900 million yuan; not discounted bank acceptance bill to reduce 37 billion 700 million yuan, up by 120 billion yuan less; net corporate bond financing increased 330 billion 600 million yuan, up by more than 18 billion 500 million yuan; domestic non-financial corporate equity financing 107 billion 500 million yuan, up by more than 59 billion 600 million yuan. Note 1: the scale of social financing refers to the real economy (domestic non-financial enterprises and households, the same below) from the financial system to obtain funds. The incremental index is within a certain period (monthly, quarterly or annually) to get the amount of money, stock index refers to a certain period at the end (the end of the quarter, or a year) to obtain funds balance. Note 2: the scale of social financing data from the people’s Bank of China, the national development and Reform Commission, the Securities Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the central government debt registration and clearing co.. Note 3: the scale of social financing in foreign currency loans refers to a period of time to get the real economy from the financial system of the RMB and foreign currency loans, not including banking financial institutions and non banking financial institutions and payment of foreign loans. Note 4:2015 in January, the entrusted loans statistical system has been adjusted, the entrusted loans into cash management under the entrusted loans and general entrusted loans. The scale of social financing in the entrusted loans included only by enterprises and institutions and individuals entrusted to provide funds by financial institutions (the borrower or the trustee) according to the general entrusted loan principal to determine the loan object, purpose, amount, term and interest rate to the domestic real economy to extend, supervision and assistance to recover. Note 5: the current data for the preliminary statistics, the month than last month, compared to the same period last year, the data for comparable caliber data. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: