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The central state organs Discipline Committee report published. Acceptance of " four wind " report – Beijing, the central state organs discipline committee recently issued a notice, request the central state organs at all levels of grass-roots party organization and discipline inspection organizations conscientiously fulfill the main responsibility and honest government oversight responsibilities, at the Mid Autumn Festival, node, strengthen supervision and discipline of accountability to promote the spirit of the eight Central provisions air plant. Notification requirements, the central state organs and departments should earnestly study and implement the central state organs discipline work "on the 16 cases in violation of the provisions of the central eight cases report" spirit, the branch should be discussed in a timely manner, the organization, the majority of Party members and cadres by warning education, draw lessons, continuously enhance the implementation of the central provisions of the spirit of the eight act consciously. Before the two sections, the various departments to the organs and units directly under the party members and cadres to comply with the provisions of the spirit of the central eight specific and clear requirements. The grass-roots party organizations should consciously assume the main responsibility for honest government, strengthen education, supervision and management of the party members and cadres, take effective measures, thorough investigation of the four winds problem. Party members and cadres should strictly abide by the provisions, refused to send holiday gifts or gift certificates, public funds, public funds to travel, Gongjusiyong, there shall be no other offences. The circular stressed that the various departments of the party committees, organs of discipline inspection in conjunction with the relevant departments to carry out the spirit of the provisions of the central eight during the festival, clean up the ‘two’ special supervision and inspection. To increase the intensity of supervision and discipline, in violation of the provisions of the problems found together with the investigation, serious of discipline. Departments in the Department of the system website and other media announced the central state organs to report the web site and the Department of discipline inspection organizations to accept reporting methods, smooth reporting channels, enhance the effectiveness of supervision. Various departments to the supervision and inspection of the Mid Autumn Festival and national day period respectively in September 20th and October 10th before the discipline committee. Central state organs report website url:相关的主题文章: