Changan new challenges new MPV test spy photos (video) chompoo araya

Changan new challenges new MPV test spy photos recently, we learned from relevant channels to get a group of Changan’s new compact test – type MPV, the new car is expected to be named CV50. Before the Changan passenger car has launched Jie Xun (cf. distribution, pictures, inquiry) of this MPV, but sales is not very good. The launch of the CV50 indicates that Changan passenger cars will enter the field of MPV. 1 Changan CV50 positioned as a compact MPV2. locked competitors Baojun 730 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) 3 new car is still in the testing phase, so the appearance of the interior does not have the reference significance of the 4 will be launched in the future on the odyssey (cf., pictures, inquiry) medium MPV Changan HOFEN 7 MPV from the sale price of 59 thousand and 900 yuan the exposure of the spy photos can be seen, the car body styling has been confirmed, but the front and rear or by assembling the style, does not have the reference value. However, from the overall line of the body, the shape of the pursuit of the CV50 mean and peace, and there is no fashion design. Interior, the new console seems to have been finalized. But other control components or borrow other models of components, but from the overall shape, the new car may be used in the suspension of the console. Cabin layout, the new car will use 2+2+3 seat layout, such layout is conducive to the layout of the car space. In addition, the third row is also equipped with three head pillow and the three – point seat belt, so there is a guarantee of safety in the three. But the third rows of seats can only be turned over the whole, there are some limitations in spatial change.相关的主题文章: