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Chengdu Street shop to move at their own expense side streets pay by the government (Figure) – Beijing belong to Wuhou District Golden Bridge Street seven Avenue and two middle road, roadside signage will be unified and replacement has been carried out, but in middle road signage replacement costs paid by the government, while seven in the road requires businesses at their own expense. In this regard, Seven Mile Avenue merchants feel wronged. Golden Bridge Street Office responded that, in the middle road signage replacement, belonging to the Wuhou District government on the category of comprehensive renovation project in the road, it is funded by the government, not included in the seven avenue. The Seven Mile Avenue shops do not meet the requirements of the regulations, the need to change, businesses can choose their own advertisers, and its negotiated price. Community exchange shop recruit seven Avenue in businesses need to own cost in October 20th, in the seven Avenue Jinhua community shop Wang Dong (a pseudonym), suddenly received a Chengdu city administration authority shall order rectification notice, as mentioned above, " alleged unauthorized installation of outdoor advertising, the deadline for rectification. " on the same day, Wang Dong in the other sections of the 7 shops responsible person, also received the same notice. The community is thought to be the roadside shops to recruit a unified replacement, and the notice did not mention the cost of the problem, Wang Dong signed on the notice. However, according to him, on the next day, several community staff told him that the cost of changing the store requires businesses to bear their own, 200 square meters. In the case of the need to change the shop recruit at their own expense, the shop owner said they can not accept, " the government to create the environment, should not be paid by businesses. " " why is 200 yuan per square meter? We find someone to do it, no more than 50 yuan per square meter. " until yesterday, the seven Lane on the road to recruit the replacement of the work of the 8 shops are still not carried out. The same street double Avenue replacement shop strokes by the government to pay more for businesses is not acceptable, near a Street Street merchants also belong to the golden bridge has also been asked to replace the shop, but the cost is for the government to pay. Yesterday, the Chengdu Daily reporter to merchants referred to another street in the middle road. Shops along the street has been removed, the workers are installing a new shop. According to the construction side staff said, " this is a unified plan to replace the government. " a merchant told reporters, shop for replacement work from the beginning of October, the costs involved by the government. Reporters to ask the way along the way businesses learned that they did not get the shop to replace the need to pay the merchant claims. Street responded: seven Avenue not included in the comprehensive renovation project in the road and did not equal status for the area unified change shop, Wuhou District Golden Bridge Street office yesterday explained. Street comprehensive law enforcement team captain Li Bo said, the two Ave. is a comprehensive renovation project of the Wuhou District government, involving road, greening, building facade and signage, funded by the government to build two middle road along the way to replace the shop signs included in this renovation project. " Seven Mile Avenue belongs to相关的主题文章: