Chinese female students killed in Japan, their mother referred to the suspect may be a roommate boyf aizi

Chinese female students killed his mother mentioned Japan suspects may be roommates boyfriend Tokyo 24 year old girl was assassinated in Shandong Ji master students according to the Japanese local television reports, the morning of November 3rd, a Japanese woman in Tokyo Chinese Nakano apartment was killed. It is reported that the Chinese woman was killed is a student, is studying in japan. The murdered woman’s mother has arrived in Japan on the evening of 4, and in 5 days ago to Japanese police involved in the case of inquiries. 15 minutes before the incident had been reported, according to Japanese television reported on November 3rd, at dawn on the morning of 3, a Chinese woman was killed in the apartment in the central area of Tokyo, japan. Reported that the woman was using the knife cut in the neck in the rented apartment on the two floor corridor. Another woman living in the house heard the sound of the door and the sound of knocking at the door, and then alarm. The police arrived and found the murdered woman lying in a pool of blood, died shortly after the hospital. Japanese police quoted police sources said in the wild, the razor head was chopped, cut 10 cm long, 15 minutes before the incident suspicious characters the victim had the alarm outside the apartment. However, the local police arrived after the victim has been lying on the ground, head bleeding, and rushed to the hospital soon after injury died. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the name of the woman killed in the study in Japan, Qingdao girl Jiang song, is now studying in Japan graduate. According to Song Jiang high school classmate Jiang Pengfei said, "Jiang Gezhen is a nice girl." They have a group of high school students, when the deceased is known as Jiang song, the group are fried, and all the students said, I can not believe". In the Song Jiang high school classmate impression, Song Jiang is a very generous, optimistic, love to laugh, good hearted girl. Until now, all people do not want to believe that the song has died. Song Jiang and the relationship has always been very good BYD Sun Yongxin told reporters: "so she came back and she agreed to go out to dinner, did not expect just left." The mother of the murdered girl had arrived at the mother of the river song in Japan and was informed of her daughter’s murder in the Japanese embassy. After learning that her daughter was killed, Jiang mother in the foreign affairs office with the help of a quick visa, and get the visa to fly to Tokyo on the same day. Jiang song’s mother in the river after the murder of the song repeatedly sent micro-blog said he could not accept her daughter is gone, and on the micro-blog said, also my baby daughter! Also my daughter." "Dreams are the sort of bloody wounds, pain I could not breathe." Micro-blog also said the mother river, in the river song killed before ten minutes, also said to her to find a good job, to earn money to let mother enjoy, but after just 18 minutes, Jiang song on the victim. Yesterday, reporters BYD and Jiang song’s mother made contact, Jiang mother said she had to go to the local police department to participate in the inquiry, but the case still no progress, to discuss issues related to the remains of the song jiang. Girl roommate to assist the police to investigate the work in Japan, Mr. Fu saw the news of the murder of Chinese girls from micro-blog. After the incident, Mr. Fu was removed by micro-blog and Song Jiang mother made contact with some of the problems and treatment of Tongjiang mother song. Mr. Fu said, Jiang mother from the police interview room out to sit on the chair has been on the river song automatic speaking things, watching the people better相关的主题文章: