Choose The Right Stand For A 42 Inch Lcd

Home-Audio-Video Unless youre mounting your new 42 inch LCD TV on the wall or on the ceiling, youll need a solid and reliable stand to support it. Many TVs come furnished with an appropriate stand, but some require that the stand be purchased separately. If the manufacturer furnishes your 42 inch LCD TV stand, and it meets your needs in terms of styling, youre in great shape. Because your 42 inch LCD TV could become an integral part of the rooms decorating scheme, though, you may choose to purchase a stand that matches the needs of your viewing habits, your home, and your sense of style. Because a 42 inch LCD TV is reasonably heavy, the most important requirement is that any stand must handle the weight of your particular 42 inch LCD TV and must provide a stable base in case its bumped or jarred. For that reason, make sure the stand you purchase meets the unique weight and strength requirements of the 42 inch LCD TV you purchased. The last thing you want to have happen is for your new TV to become damaged simply because your stand wasnt up to the task. The owners manual for your 42 inch LCD TV will specify all the requirements of a suitable and effective TV stand for that model. There are a few other considerations besides strength, though. Lets look at a few other decisions youll want to make to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your 42 inch LCD TV. 1. Determine if the stand needs to hold other audio-visual equipment? If you own a DVD player, use a cable converter, have game systems like an Xbox or a PS2, and/or have a home theater system, you may want your stand to house that equipment as well as support the 42 inch LCD TV itself. Make sure you pick a stand that has shelves or compartments for the equipment you own, or even may someday own. 2. Determine if the stand will position your TV at an optimal viewing height. The height of the TV is an individual choice make sure the stand you select will place your 42 inch LCD TV at the height you want. If you can, find an adjustable stand that gives you some flexibility. If not, determine the right height for you and select an appropriate height stand. An easy way to calculate your optimal height is to sit in your favorite chair or couch and determine how high your eye level is. Once youve determined eye level, make sure your 42 inch LCD TV will be centered at that point. Many stands are pre-engineered to approximate an appropriate viewing level for the average person, but make sure youre comfortable with that height before you make a purchase. Some pedestal stands are adjustable; if you dont need storage space, check out a pedestal stand. 3. Check to see if the stand has integrated cable management. If youre buying a cabinet with a closed back, cable management probably isnt an issue, since youll have plenty of space to hide cables. If youre interested in a pedestal stand or a stand with an open back, make sure there are provisions built in to hide all the cables you may have. If you have a home theater, video gaming system, DVD player, and other components, youll have a large number of cables running from component to component make sure the stand gives you plenty of room to store those cables out of sight. The stand shouldnt just house your 42 inch LCD TV it should handle all the cables and components, too. Once youve found the right 42 inch LCD TV, finding a stand suits your needs and fits youre your rooms dcor and design is important, too. Make sure you can enjoy your TV while its turned on, and how it looks when its not turned on. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: