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Home-Improvement A service water boiler deserves the same attention as a heating boiler on initial start-up. Before the system is started the owner, design engineer or Boiler Installation Oakland (depending upon the requirements associated with installation) should contact the owner’s insurance .pany or the authority having jurisdiction (normally the state, county or municipality) to obtain a boiler certificate (or a document of similar title) which authorizes the owner to operate the boiler. There may be provisions in the jurisdiction to exempt certain equipment but any requirements should be determined before placing the system in service. Normally the boiler is subjected to a visual inspection by a National Board Certified Inspector before the certificate to operate is issued. Initial operation of the burner should be achieved under the supervision of a technician trained in the proper set up of a fired piece of equipment. That technician should produce a "start-up sheet," a document that includes, as minimum: The name, address, and phone number of the technician’s employer, the technician’s name and signature, and the date the initial start-up was performed; a record of the actual settings of the operating limit (OL) and the high limit (HL) temperature switches and an indication that their operation was con-firmed; a record of the setting of the pressure-temperature relief valve and a record that its operation was confirmed; a record of the burner performance while firing including, but not necessarily limited to: stack temperature, flame signal measurement, percent oxygen in flue gas, carbon monoxide level of flue gas, if measured, smoke spot test recording (oil only) if measured, gas consumption rate (gas firing), temperature of water at the boiler inlet during normal operation, temperature of water at the boiler outlet during normal operation, pressure at the inlet of the system, pressure at the discharge of the pump or other location between pump and boiler, and position of the throttling valve. The start-up sheet should be retained as a part of the original documentation for the system and referenced on each subsequent start-up (after shutdowns for maintenance or other purposes) to ensure the conditions do not differ substantially from the original start-up conditions. All openings into the boiler and tank should be checked to ensure the system is closed and will not lose water unintentionally when placed in service. Before closing openings the internals should be inspected by the Boiler Installation Oakland to ensure there are no loose parts, tools, personnel, or any-thing else inside the system that does not belong there. Valves and some spigots are opened to vent air and admit water until the system is flooded and at city water pressure. It is important to note that, if the city water supply to the inlet shown in the graphic is separated from the city water supply by a check valve or back-flow preventer, an expansion tank or similar provision is required to prevent an increase in the system pressure when the water expands as it is heated. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: