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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Now that I am fifty years old, the list of things that I want for Christmas has be.e much shorter than it was, say, ten or twenty years ago. I would Imagine, as I grow older, the list of things that I include in my letters to Santa would be.e shorter still. Now my Santa letters consist mostly of lists of creature .forts more than toys and games. This raises the question, how do you shop for someone who either has everything he really wants or wants nothing that he does not already have? This article is .prised of gift ideas for someone who is either hard to shop for or would prefer a warm sweater to a playstaion 3. Speaking of warm sweaters, it is a great gift for someone who is older and gets cold easily. I know that my arthritis pains me to no end when it cold outside. The winters I used to love so much have turned on me like a bitter love. A nice, .fortable sweater is just the ticket when my shoulders and elbows start to ache. However, I resent being given sweaters that have pictures of the holiday on them because it restricts the days that I can fashionably wear them. I am not particularly worried about what other people think but the people who ac.pany me anywhere are often times mortified if I go to lunch with them on Valentines day with a snowman on my sweater. Do not ask me why. Another gift that I will cherish in my declining years are socks, shoes like moccasins, or very warm slippers. Even underwear is a great gift simply because it keeps me from having to spend my security checks on these items later in the year. This frees up my money for prescription medications and deductibles. In which case, if you are worried that this kind of gift would be embarrassing for either you or your elderly loved one, give them money. We will never .plain about a check in a Christmas card. Upon that, I can attach a guarantee. Any gift that I receive that makes my life easier or more .fortable is highly appreciated. With that in mind, think of what my needs are. I walk slowly and with pain. I carry a cane with me everywhere I go because later in the day, my arthritis will get bad and my feet will hurt to walk on and cause me great dis.fort. If I can start my car and warm it up in the winter without having to go outside and sit in it, I am a happy guy. Buy an elderly driver one of those push button remotes that start their cars from the warmth and .fort of an in house window. We will love it. By the way, please offer to either install it or have it installed for me. Even though I walk with a cane and oft times with pain, I still cannot afford to pay someone to shovel my walk. In fact, last year I tore the rotor cuff in my shoulder just by shoveling the driveway. Granted, we had more snow last year than we have had in the previous fifty, but it is still an everyday chore that is too difficult. An inexpensive snow blower makes the perfect gift. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: