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Team-Building Corporate training is an integral part of the human resource function in any organization. The activities that the company undertakes in order to enhance the skill of the employees, all comes under the umbrella of corporate training. Better productivity, increased loyalty and enhanced teamwork are some of the main benefits of corporate training. However, a recent detailed research on the advantages of corporate training has brought a new advantage into the spotlight: called Competitive advantage. Corporate training factors contributing to competitive advantage: 1. Entry-level training In the initial stage, the focus is on entry-level training. The basic idea of such events is to inculcate skills and characteristics essential for successful execution of the current job profile. In-house training programs developed by the respective companys HR department are utilized. The senior managers take steps to mentor the new employees and motivate them to perform better. 2. Development training After a certain time, in-house training gets stagnant and thats when the professionals are called. These experts do a complete study over the team composition and prepare team building activities specifically tailored to a particular company. They make use of techniques and tools designed to further enhance the capabilities of an employee and motivate him/her to think out-of-the-box. By gaining these skills, the company has already started to distinguish itself from its competitors. 3. Result improvement Over a period of time, companies realize that training employees is more complex than learning. The knowledge and skill developed and ingrained during development training must be translated into better productivity and result. It is in this phase that future leaders are identified. Leadership training activities in this stage may involve business simulation and other innovative and challenging tasks. With this step, the company identifies future leadership talent and is already a step ahead of its competitors in the industry. 4. Organizational excellence Most companies come to this phase, wherein a blend of formal and informal training activities is undertaken. The main objective here is to allow leadership candidates and key personnel to understand the importance of systematic implementation of organizational processes and functions. This helps them to run the company better and in a more organized manner. The organization, no matter the size, becomes cost effective and gains a comprehensive competitive advantage over other companies in the industry. Corporate training workshops conducted by experienced and talented trainers ensure that the skills of teamwork, dedication, and quick decision-making are imbibed well in the participants. The above-mentioned four factors highlight how corporate training, apart from giving myriad benefits, hands out a strategic competitive advantage to the participating companies. However, to gain the most from a training program, it is important that you consult qualified and well-experienced corporate training providers for the same. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: