Counter attack on a bright star Danny van appeared strong woman fine (video) xpphone

"Counter attack" on stardom dazzling Dani fan appeared strong woman fine Tencent Angeles Drama "counter attack" stardom dazzling (October 24th) today in Shanghai starting, the drama is based on orange light’s entertainment adventure love text game adaptation, directed by the famous director Yang Lei, Thailand "push brother" Push, Dani Song Yi, member of SNH48, who starred in the entertainment circle, mainly around the life show fresh and romantic love and touching inspirational counterattack. On the scene, you are the creator for a black-and-white come in a throng, Danielle inclined shoulder collocation black wide leg pants, plus his short hair style, fully embodies the beauty of beauty, strong woman full range of children, the fine countless. It is understood that the kind of Danny played Liu is a sweet dream, dream hard girl, this role before and after there is great contrast, not only let the actors self realization of the "counter attack", also increased the visibility of the story. Talking about the play the most challenging role for Danielle said, "counter attack" is a very bright star realistic drama, she plays a step by step by virtue of their own efforts, the little people grow up to a big star girl, she will try to explain the role of a good showing to the audience who. It is reported that a Danielle just ended LETV exclusive play "mirror" of the shooting, non-stop into drama "counter attack" stardom dazzling, looking forward to her performance in the drama. A Danny curse is terrific Kung fu! Not accept!相关的主题文章: