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Dalian was dense fog wrapped hundreds of flights delay – new network in Dalian, February, 12 (reporter Yang Yi) Dalian meteorological observatory issued 12 cold blue warning information: Dalian more ground temperature will be "flying straight", the maximum temperature drop can reach 12 degrees. Affected by heavy fog weather, as of 10 o’clock on 12 o’clock, several sections of highway closed in Dalian, Airport Flights larger area delay, thousands of passengers stranded at the airport, China Southern Airlines Dalian branch has started a large area of flight delays yellow warning on the same day 7:40. Dalian meteorological observatory on 11, 16, 12, 5, 10, three consecutive fog warning orange signal, Dalian and the surrounding waters visibility less than 200 meters. As early as 8 pm, the reporter saw in Dalian city on the road, slow vehicles, pedestrians also dare not fast, one hundred meters foggy. In addition to open the fog lamp, the car also has double flashing, to play a warning role. The ensuing dense fog caused limited traffic on multiple highways. According to the Liaoning Provincial Communications Department official micro-blog 12 morning news release, surrender fog weather, some local high-speed sections or closed, or the implementation of traffic control. On the main roads of Dalian City, the electronic information screen shows the road closed information, the traffic police on duty in the main intersection to divert the vehicles. Continuous heavy fog weather also has a great impact on the flight. From 11 days, affected by heavy fog, Dalian International Airport visibility is currently unable to meet the flight take-off and landing standards. As of 12 on the morning of 9 pm, the fog caused a total of 102 flights canceled, 22 flights alternate around the airport, flights from 1 airport, most of the aircraft did not return for the night. According to the forecast of Dalian Meteorological Observatory, it is expected that the dense fog will continue in the daytime. At night, with the increase of the northeast wind, the temperature will rapidly decline; at present, Dalian has issued a blue warning signal of cold wave, reminding people to pay attention to prevention. (end)

大连遭浓雾裹城 百余架次航班延误-中新网   中新网大连2月12日电 (记者 杨毅)大连气象台12日又发布寒潮蓝色预警信息:大连多地气温将“飞流直下”,气温落差最大可达到12℃。受浓雾天气影响,截至12日10时许,大连境内多条高速公路部分路段关闭,机场航班较大面积延误,数千旅客滞留机场,中国南航大连分公司已于当日7时40分启动航班大面积延误黄色预警。   大连市气象台11日16时、12日5时、10时许连续三次发布大雾橙色预警信号,大连及周边海域能见度不足200米。   早8时许,记者在大连市区道路上看到,车辆行驶缓慢,行人亦不敢快行,百米内雾蒙蒙一片。路上的汽车除了打开雾灯外,还纷纷打着双闪,以起到警示的作用。   接踵而至的浓雾天气致多条高速公路通行受限。据辽宁省交通厅官方微博12日早间发布的消息,受降雾天气影响,当地一些高速路段或封闭,或实施交通管制。在大连市区各条主干道上,电子信息屏上滚动显示着道路封闭的信息,执勤的交警在各个主要路口疏导来往车辆。   持续的大雾天气对航班出行也产生较大影响。从11日开始,受大雾天气影响,大连国际机场能见度目前无法满足航班起降标准。截至12日上午9时许,大雾共导致102架次航班取消,22架次航班备降周边机场,1架次航班返航,机场大部分过夜飞机未回。   据大连气象台预报,预计白天浓雾天将持续,入夜后,随着东北风增大的同时气温将快速下滑;目前大连已发布寒潮蓝色预警信号,提醒民众注意防范。(完)相关的主题文章: