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The depth of thinking quality of learning is more important than diligent maternal public number: picture book selection of Sohu (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand there have not met such a student, every day to get up early, late night, never read a book on the desk I nail. Students pulled him out of the street, he said: "no time ah, I have to test the monthly endorsement at home." Test results are always in the middle and lower levels. You have such a person, every day to get up early to sleep every night, often work overtime, you ask him out, he always said no time, never seem to have done. But from the boss to colleagues, mention this man is shook his head and waved his hand, a pair of lovers. They are busy, but they are not beautiful. So what are they doing? It seems strange that they work so hard, why things are always bad, where is the problem?. Remember the time to go to school, there is a table, others to learn the time he is learning, others play the time he is learning, but the results have not been very good, he always said his brain slow. There is a test, I see what he is writing, I took a look at the past and found that he put the wrong question, verbatim copy of the book. I asked him, "why do you want to copy every question? Isn’t there a test paper?" He said very seriously: "ah, too many test papers easily chaos, a review of the wrong title set is convenient." And the face of a good expression of learning methods, it seems to stand on the high ground of hard work and morality. I asked again: "then write key core, okay?" he said: "ah, after turning up easily cannot read what is?" I say: "the reason these errors you have studied?" he said tiredly: "I now have time to study this so, I copied it again!" I have a colleague, after when he was near the computer, he was always writing documents, writing, writing to write not over. Once I asked him, "Why are there so many things to write? We have so many case? "He replied:" the boss is not satisfied, pushed down a few times to rewrite, the equivalent of more than several case amount! "I asked:" why did he not satisfied? "He was depressed:" the boss said my writing is not he want, he did not say clearly." I wonder: "you can take a little time to communicate with you before you start writing." He tired to say: "there is time, ah, every time to get so anxious, and so many copies, immediately began to write is not necessarily write it!" why do some people seem so relaxed? Why there is a group of people, not very busy but get a lot of praise? Copy the title he said: "the classmates Liu X, usually don’t stay up late, also got third, alas, not a wise man than ah!" Overtime he said: "the unit colleague Wang X, also do not work overtime, to work, have now been promoted to manager, on the qualifications, I should be. The boss is too eccentric." Ask Liu X, painting相关的主题文章: