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Delisting of the road with four step   Xintai electric transition increasingly close – energy – yesterday, Xintai electric entered the "delisting" road of the third step. According to the report of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Xintai electric issued due to fraud in July 8, 2016 by the Chinese Commission administrative punishment, on suspicion of fraud crime issue in August 2016 was legally transferred to public security organs. According to the "Shenzhen stock exchange gem stock listing rules (2014 Amendment)" the provisions of article 13.1.1, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Committee by Xintai electric, decided to suspend the listing of shares since September 6, 2016. According to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange after a reporter asked, Xintai electric delisting process according to the time sequence is divided into seven steps. From the current process, walked three steps, respectively is: the company received the Commission Decision on punishment; the company stock to resume trading 30 trading days (calculated from July 12th to resume); Shenzhen made decision to suspend the listing of shares. As for the next four steps are China companies waiting for the Commission to make administrative punishment decision within a certain period expires; the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to terminate the listing of shares; stock into the delisting finishing period, the company stock to resume trading 30 trading days; the next trading day finishing the delisting, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange the company’s shares to be listed companies delisting, the termination of the stock market. According to the arrangement, finally after delisting, Xintai electric can finishing in Shenzhen after the expiry of the 45 trading days, turn the system into the stock listing transfer. Although since yesterday Xintai electric stock has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, but also the company put forward relevant requirements: during the suspension of listing of shares shall continue to perform the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations and the "Shenzhen stock exchange gem stock listing rules" of the listed company information disclosure obligations, do the work. In addition, it should be noted that, in addition to the delisting of Thai electric, will also be held criminally responsible. In August 26th, the Commission said, according to the provisions of the "administrative law enforcement organs to transfer suspected criminal cases" (State Council Decree No. 310th) requirements of law enforcement procedures, the special commission in consultation with the public security organs, decided to Xintai electric and related personnel suspected of fraudulent issuance and other related crimes to the public security organ, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. Recently, the public security organs have been deployed to carry out special criminal investigation. Xintai electric delisting, want to re listing is impossible. However, prompts the regulatory authorities in the risk, even forced to sign the agreement in the case of risk, Xintai electric every day there are still a lot of turnover, some people are not afraid to buy a large number of bad risk supervision and. An intuitive performance is on the last day before the resumption of the 30 trading days, Xintai electric 3.03 yuan to death all day long trading volume up to 57 million 210 thousand yuan, the cumulative decline in Xintai electric after the resumption by the previous trading day 81.1% narrowed to 79.2%. This is really surprising! In this regard, insiders commented: this behavior is speculative, there is no assets in the company, are a lot of debt situation相关的主题文章: