Deng Zhesheng 9.26 Dalian oil more than a single release, crude oil operation next week will usher i

Deng Zhesheng: 9.26 Dalian oil more than a single release, crude oil next week operational recommendations, will usher in the bloody Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Deng Zhesheng: 9.26 Dalian oil more than a single release, crude oil next week operational recommendations, will usher in the bloody — the past few years, I have met a lot of investors, many investors in this inside there is a lot of people is the spirit of tension in the spot market, is not happy, is worried. Because they no matter in good or bad circumstances, whether in or in the case of rose fell, had been stopped out, has been fitted, has been a loss, has been the explosion. Because the market, always let a few people enjoy, let most people uncomfortable. The sick man is always uncomfortable, the enjoyment of people always enjoy. The main reason is that I think they are lack of a good advisor. WeChat dzs0723, on the battlefield, when people want to Ever-victorious general will have a good shape with the shape you like. Words do not say, return to the theme. More details on the search for public numbers Deng Zhesheng. – the latest news to concern if the government of Nigeria to continue to sell state assets, Nigeria oil workers will go on strike; Trump support rate rose to 44[%], the United States presidential election stalemate situation; 9.26-28 OPEC meeting in Algiers. – the main oil producing countries to freeze attitude of the Algiers conference to reach an agreement: Saudi Arabia is optimistic, if necessary, will be with OPEC and non OPEC cooperation; Iran: support to stabilize the global oil market in any form, but did not disclose the specific position of a conference in Algiers: Iraq Iraq; the meeting will not freeze support crude oil production, a substantial increase and intends to provide support for oil prices; the United Arab Emirates: meeting next week just comments and decisions are not reached, OPEC should not rush to make a decision in the talks; Russia: ready to discuss the oil market cooperation, but not at the Algiers meeting proposed by 5[%]; Libya not with other oil producing countries reached agreement to freeze production Because production has not been restored, and the export is often due to conflict in Nigeria: interrupt; Algiers conference or will contribute to the rebound in crude oil prices, but it is expected that OPEC is unlikely to reach a frozen production agreement; Algeria: optimistic about the Algiers conference to reach a consensus, the European Peikefei formal meeting or change for the special session. [next Monday will be a major oil producer in the International Energy Forum dialogue meetings may take relevant measures to discuss stable oil] – OPEC meeting the latest news of Saudi Arabia and Iran reportedly has ended in Vienna’s oil negotiations; Iran allegedly might not have agreed to freeze production of current oil production level. Saudi Arabia has reached an agreement with Iran in advance, if Iran agreed to freeze production at 3 million 600 thousand barrels a day, Saudi Arabia will prepare for production. Message one out of the oil price相关的主题文章: