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Did you dare to take a taxi? Tencent digital hearing (chares), according to foreign media VentureBeat reported that today’s world’s first unmanned taxi NuTonomy defeat Uber, officially launched in Singapore, the world’s first unmanned taxi service. The United States unmanned taxi through testing NuTonomy for the first time in 2013 in Massachusetts, Cambridge city in Singapore, was originally a separate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop unmanned taxi and mobile robot venture company, the company raised one hundred million investment funds in May this year, a joint investment in capital and Us Venture Capital Firm EDBI plateau and earlier this month, NuTonomy said the pilot program with the Singapore Department of transportation on driving of unmanned taxi service, and that the ultimate goal is in 2018 the unmanned taxi service complete commercialization. The taxi driving distance NuTonomy is defined in the Singapore "vehicle One North" business district less within 2.5 km from the beginning of April this year, the company has been secretly tested in this area, the NuTonomy taxi experience will not open to all citizens can use NuTonomy APP for unmanned taxi taxi experience. If approved, you can get a free unmanned Reynolds Zoe or MITSUBISHI i-MiEV automotive experience qualification. In order to ensure the safety of the immature technology, NuTonomy offered an engineer to supervise the driverless car, back in May of this year, Uber also announced to driverless cars tested in the American state of Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh City, but in the last week issued a public statement will provide driverless taxi for the customer the taxi service, and a month’s time is coming to an end, NuTonomy has been the first Uber launched the world’s first unmanned taxi service, NuTonomy CEO and co-founder Karl lagnemna said: "NuTonomy in the field of unmanned taxi service is the first software system we driverless taxi and only, pass the test we collected feedback, many passengers in the real environment experience and experience, NuTonomy will use this Some of these feedback will be more improved, and strive to achieve a fully automated taxi market in 2018." In addition to Singapore, NuTonomy is still in the United Kingdom and the United States of Michigan for testing, on the other hand, BMW also with Intel and Mobileye cooperation, hope to create a fully automatic driverless car in 2021, the U.S. General Motors for Lyft investment of 3 billion 250 million yuan to develop unmanned technology, TOYOTA formed a 50 person team. Unmanned technology research and development of Uber strategic investment, Google group teamed up with Fiat Chrysler, jointly build on driverless cars in China t相关的主题文章: