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Do not be fooled by hand to teach you 6 steps to clear the autumn air conditioning odor! Sohu automobile air conditioning blowing, listening to songs, driving his car running in the high streets and back lanes enjoy this belong to you, this is cool. But if the open air after bring is a musty, always make people feel beautiful, where the smell from the smell of air conditioning should take, how clear, how to prevent it? There are several reasons for the peculiar smell of air conditioner. The outside air flows through the evaporation tank, it brought water and dust, and dust will most of the water through the air conditioning drainage outside the car, but there are still a few may be attached to the evaporation tank, a long time will produce mildew, produce sour smell. Air conditioner filter element. Air conditioning filter is mainly to filter the air, the air through the air conditioning filter will reach the evaporator, so that the air conditioning filter played a protective role of the first layer. Air conditioning filter in addition to filter dust, but also adsorption odor, long time do not change the air conditioner filter is not only smaller air volume, odor will become heavier. Air conditioning duct. Air conditioning duct that is through the air duct, air duct is easy to accumulate dust, but often overlooked by people. External air. The peculiar smell of the air conditioner with the use of the environment also have a great relationship, for example, you open up outside the circle in the air quality is not very good, the air itself is not so efficient filtration system to know the source of odor conditioning, then I believe we all know how to deal with, but how to know is know do? Yourself clean air pipe and air filter: 1 remove the air filter (usually air filter in the passenger car in the glove box below, part of the air filter also has an external circulating air inlet) 2 to open the whole car door, open air blower, open air circulation, natural wind to the intermediate speed. 3 find the air conditioner external circulation air inlet in the cabin: general drainage right (some models in the inlet is provided with air conditioning filter) as below: 4. General air conditioning pipeline cleaning agent (online purchase), began to spray into the air, spray 5, 6 wait a minute, let the cleaning efficiency maximization. 5 a bottle cleaning agent after the external circulation open to the maximum to run 10-15 minutes, dry air conditioning duct (6 to replace the air filter air filter can replace dirty can effectively solve the problem of small air conditioning) near the outer circulation air inlet removing rotten moldy rancid foreign body that how to effectively prevent air conditioning odor 1? Try not to open air-conditioning smoke in the car or in the car to eat some taste heavier things (or open air conditioning cycle to the car from the owners of the 2 best taste) before reaching the destination 5 minutes to turn off the air conditioner, and then open the natural wind. This allows the air conditioning pipe temperature rise in the car, and let it return to the normal temperature in the park will not be because of temperature difference and condensed water droplets in the air duct, so that the dry air conditioning pipeline is blocked, mold and fungus breeding. Also avoid starting again 0相关的主题文章: