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.puters-and-Technology Motherboard (Main Board, Mainboard; also known as the motherboard, system board, logic board, backplane, etc., the abbreviation "Mobo"), is a .plex electronic systems such as .puter center or the main circuit board. A typical motherboard provides a junction point for processors, graphics cards, sound cards, hard drives, memory, external devices and other equipment bonding. They are usually directly plugged into the slot, or connections. Chipset is the most important .ponent that constitutes the motherboard. And the chipset, usually assembled by North Bridge and South Bridge .ponents, provides a .mon platform for the board to .municate or control different devices. Motherboard chipset also provides additional functions such as integrated kernel and integrated sound card. Some motherboards have other functions, such as integrated high infrared .munication technology, Bluetooth and 802.11 (Wi-Fi). Motherboard is the most ‘central’ part of a .puter. All of the different parts of the .puter are connected to the motherboard. Therefore, it is necessary to have the right driver. The purpose of the driver is to understand how to use the device, which will recognize the device connecting to the PC. Without proper drivers, it does not know what to do with the information it receives. To download the most appropriate motherboard driver for your .puter, a few steps is indispensible to finish the whole process. Step 1 Look at the motherboard. Write down the make and model. If you have a dial-up motherboard in your .puter, take the panel on the tower off. Shine the flashlight on the device. On the circuit board, the manufacturer and/or model number is present. Step 2 Locate an Internet connection. To download drivers , go to the library or someones home where the Internet is able to connect. If you have another working motherboard in your house, you can download them directly to your .puter. Step 3 Go to the manufacturers official website or a motherboard drivers web page. Drivers Kit and Driver Support Registry have motherboard drivers for the operating system. Step 4 Click on the motherboard device. Select the manufacturer of the motherboard. Some of the driver sites are XP only, while others are all drivers. You will have the chance to choose your operating system before downloading. Click on the Download tab. Wait approximately 10 minutes, depending on the speed of the PC and Internet connection. Step 5 Burn it to a disk. If you are at another location, you need to burn to CD/DVD for transportation. Tips 1. Internal dial-up motherboards, as well as a broadband motherboard with the USB port, require drivers. Ethernet cards need drivers to function. 2. Consult with your Internet service provider to apply the proper settings for your Internet service connection. 3. Driver Detective is the perfect solution for .puter drivers updating, it has been projected to fast download all specific drivers for your .puter. For instance, if your .puter is intel system, Driver Detective could help you detect the exact device and scan it automatically, if the intel drivers perform well without any patches, Driver Detective would do nothing to the pc; yet if the device detected a lot of problems of the intel drivers, it could kick the bugs away and then automatically update the new intel motherboard drivers for the pc. With Driver Detective, You only need to set it up once, and it continues to work on its own to locate new driver versions and install them onto your PC. So get your copy today and put an end to all your driver troubles! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: