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Eat the pizza in Chongqing, which is also to eat Pizza Hut… – Sohu like pizza, hiding in Shapingba and new era of a residential building next to a friend, not quite lead the way, it would be impossible to get, plus originally for pizza like foreign food has not been very cold, so it will not deliberately the Internet search. Out of the elevator, through the alley, came to a small house residents, see was a clever beauty is the bar, it is the shop owner, I heard pipe a good dancer, but this time not to enjoy full. The mention of durian pizza, love to love not love it enough to have said at a distance… Hi to the first pizza durian durian all puree sauce shop, plus a thick layer of cheese in the bread, baked for several minutes. Just put on the table, eat up bread scented, thin and soft, the cake edge slightly crisp, taste good. Spicy meat pizza, is a down to earth, eat spicy melted, for my taste this stubborn… Pictured above, you can think of the name? I was surprised when I heard my name! Rice, creative Double cooked pork slices? Ah, this is the "combination of Chinese and Western"! It was really a bit worried, with Double cooked pork slices and cheese. But the taste is surprisingly good. I love pasta, today are Bacon cream and homemade sauce, I love the meat, fragrant, smooth chewy noodles. Dinner starts, sirloin steak, beef steak food quality, so not too much pickled, only need to master the heat with black pepper sauce, can be delicious. Australian West cold and snow steak, the selection of the site should be fat and thin, this Q waxy taste is my favorite. In particular, we need to mention the roasted garlic with this, garlic is very fragrant, compared to some authentic Chongqing roast garlic is also fragrant northeast! French oil duck leg, said that French soldiers on the battlefield to eat it. The traditional approach is to duck legs into the duck oil, small fire boil two hours together with the oil with cold storage, before eating and then turn over the pan fried. Eat chicken meat more than solid, but it is very soft, full and silky bite taste, full of fat but not greasy. The wine will cook Sydney, Sydney as not too sour wine soak for about 1-2 hours, plus the rum ice cream, taste is very unique, Sydney soaked in sweet and sour, eat, the fragrance of wine in the mouth lingering, another ice cream from sour to sweet, fun! Address: Shapingba Huaxin Building No. 1 Huang era 16-12 recommended: Durian pizza, Sirloin Steak, yatui seal: 80 Tel: 023-88050071 per capita for directions相关的主题文章: