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Ectopic pregnancy wary of these 5 symptoms – Sohu maternal and child ectopic pregnancy will bring great harm to the body of the girl, the girl must be vigilant. Ectopic pregnancy is not good will bring a threat to life, so after the early discovery, it is necessary to early treatment to reduce the harm to the body. 5 symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, 1 menopause: the majority of patients in the incidence of ectopic pregnancy has a short history of menopause, and early pregnancy reaction, such as nausea, vomiting, positive pregnancy test. 2, diarrhea: ectopic pregnancy patients will also appear diarrhea symptoms, if not carefully analyze the condition, it is easy to be considered indigestion or intestinal emergency. 3, vaginal bleeding: fetal death, often have irregular vaginal bleeding, mostly guttata, dark brown color, less, generally less than the amount of menstruation, the net is not dripping. 4: in the short term, pale pale, pale, with dry mouth, heart palpitations, fatigue, cold. 5, abdominal pain: the incidence rate was 95%, abdominal pain is caused by fallopian tube swelling, rupture and blood stimulated peritoneal and other factors, usually on one side of sudden abdominal tearing or paroxysmal pain, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Ectopic pregnancy children can do? An ectopic pregnancy serious harm to women’s health. After tubal pregnancy, due to fallopian tube mucosa and mucous membrane, thin wall, wall are very weak or incomplete, pregnant egg development to a certain stage will cause tubal abortion or pregnancy fallopian tube pregnancy rupture hemorrhage. Fallopian tube muscle weakness, can not be like the contraction of the uterus, such as oppression of the blood sinus, effective hemostasis, such as a large number of bleeding, can cause shock. Two, ectopic pregnancy itself is a very dangerous ectopic pregnancy, so the child can not be retained, otherwise it will cause life-threatening. The fertilized egg in the fallopian tube pregnancy is unsustainable, in patients with postmenopausal 1~2 months, the fertilized egg will grow more egg tube burst, causing massive bleeding, can lead to shock, and even endanger the lives of patients. Ectopic pregnancy is one of the main causes of death in pregnant women. So the ectopic pregnancy children can not. The traditional medicine conservative treatment of conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy in the treatment of ectopic pregnancy drugs is early, to adapt to the crowd in the fallopian tube is not broken and tubal pregnancy mass diameter less than 3cm, no significant bleeding, blood HCG less than 2000U L group suitable for conservative medical treatment. This treatment for patients with minor injuries, but was killed in the embryo in situ polarization, easily caused by fallopian tube obstruction, affect fertility, so women should be used with caution, especially the planning requirements of this method do not try. How to prevent ectopic pregnancy, 1 pregnant and correct contraceptive choice and both mood and physical condition of the timing of pregnancy. If you do not consider being a mother, we must do a good job of contraception. Good contraception fundamentally eliminate the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy. 2, timely treatment of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system is caused by fallopian tube stenosis arch-criminal, artificial abortion uterine cavity operation is more likely to have inflammation and uterus into the fallopian tube, leading to tubal adhesions narrow.相关的主题文章: