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Arts-and-Entertainment Power Up .edy Productions Present .edy Hypnotist Don Barnhart Jan 7th at Stella Blues Caf in Maui, HI Barnhart has been packing venues and turning people away as his show is selling out around the country setting record attendance numbers at .edy clubs, cruise ships, colleges, high schools and corporate and private events. Don is fast be.ing the most requested act in these venues earning him the distinct title of, "America"s #1 .edy Hypnotist". Stella Blues Caf is located at 1279 South Kihei Road Azeka"s II Shopping Center in Kihei, HI 96753 Showtime is 10pm and tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the door. Advance reservations are highly suggested and can be made by calling 874-3779 Opening the show will be the Power Up .edy All Stars. Maui"s best stand up .edians. For years, the award winning .edian and hypnotist made Hawaii his first stop on his .edy tours averaging two to three weeks a year on the islands. At one point, Barnhart was trying to move to the islands full time. Don was in negotiations to purchase the Honolulu .edy Club but had to pass as the movie industry was calling. Barnhart recently wrote, directed and starred in the indie thriller, China Dolls and has made brief appearances in the movies Apollo 13, In The Army Now and Ocean"s 13. Barnhart"s wife, the exotic and beautiful Vietnamese actress and fitness model Linda Vu co-stars with Don in China Dolls and they are currently in pre-production on a .edy film entitled, "Freeloader". It"s the story of a returning Veteran who ends up on the street and be.es the Robin Hood of the homeless. Don Barnhart"s .edy Hypnosis Show is funny on so many different levels. "Don appeals to both locals and tourists", said local .edian Paul Ogata and Don got the nickname, "the crazy Haole" by locals and quickly became a regular fixture on the Islands during the late 80"s and early 90"s. Local .edy star Andy Bumatai went to the mainland and first met Don in the 80"s in Hermosa Beach, CA and saw that Don"s spirit was truly Hawaiian. "Andy told me to get to the islands by any means necessary. Even if I had to swim." said, Barnhart. "Andy knew I would click with the Aloha spirit and vibe and he introduced me to so many great people here when I first visited. He brought me to the Perry and Price Show and they put me on just on Andy"s re.mendation". In 2010, Don Barnhart received the "Bob Hope .edy Award" for his continued service entertaining the troops stationed overseas and he won the 2007 Grand Prize in The American Idol Underground .edy Contest. Barnhart has been performing and producing .edy shows for the troops since 1992 and was the first .edy show into Afghanistan. He"s been everywhere from Bosnia to Afghanistan. "When you reach a certain level of success, if you don"t share it, then it dies with you," says Barnhart. "I think we all have a duty to give back. I"m blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love and I consider both an honor and a privilege to entertain our men and women serving in the military. I"m kinda like the water boy on the Super Bowl team". What distinguishes Barnhart"s success from other hypnosis shows is that Don is the only .edy hypnotist that is also an award-winning stand up .edian who continues to headline the top .edy clubs, colleges, cruise ships and corporate events across the country. The Award-Winning .edian, Certified Hypnotist and Second City Conservatory Graduate just wrapped up his own show Las Vegas show. Hypnosis Monthly Magazine claimed, "Don Barnhart is America"s Funniest .edy Hypnotist!" and the show was nominated 3 years in a row as the "Best .edy Hypnosis Show" in Las Vegas. Barnhart .bines his stand up, hypnosis and improvisational skills into one of the most entertaining and hilarious shows you"ve ever seen leaving audiences of all ages howling with laughter and .ing back for more. You may not know Barnhart by name but you"ll recognize his face as you"ve seen him on TV and film. He"s been seen, heard and featured on: MTV, Good Morning Northwest, .edy Central, ABC, CBS, FOX NBC, The Bob & Tom Show, XM/Sirius Satellite Radio and more. Las Vegas View Magazine said, "While most hypnosis shows take the angle of embarrassing and shocking antics, Barnhart"s show is both entertaining and empowering". Don .mented, "Under hypnosis, I tap into the audience volunteers creative subconscious releasing their hidden talents to be.e the stars of the show." The Las Vegas Review/Journal listed Barnhart"s show as one of their "Best Bets", The NY Times calls him, "Hilarious", The LA Times says, "One of the best" and Howard Stern said, "This guy"s funny!" Don was also nominated 3 years in a row as "Best .edian" and "Best .edy Hypnosis Show" by the Las Vegas Weekly"s Reader"s Poll. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: