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Ella pregnancy 3 months still hey jump aerobics will not be too intense? Sohu more than and 10 years ago, the mother and daughter or the debut of the first SHE of the little girl, blink of an eye, but also ushered in the first mother – Ella! It is famous for pistachio group activity, in the pregnancy test such upright reporting methods is the entertainment industry a debris flow pregnant mother! But even if pregnant, vibrant Ella still attend fitness activities, fitness coach with bellies kick, jump aerobics. But we know that from the moment that the baby came to the stomach, the mother must have a variety of caution, exercise is also. Motionless and not good, moving and worried about too much impact on the baby. So the whole body movement such as aerobics, in the end is suitable for pregnant mothers do? Look at the first three months of pregnancy, pregnancy is best not to do exercise, it is no matter what kind of exercise or fitness exercises are not to touch the project. Because of this period of embryos is not yet firmly tie camp ", exercise may lead to abortion. And after 7 months of pregnancy is also not suitable for exercise, when the baby has grown very large, sports may lead to premature birth and other issues. So pregnant mother to jump aerobics is best from the beginning of the 4 month of pregnancy to the end of the 7 months, and the more to the later, the action needs to be more and more slow to see pregnant mother’s body is not all pregnant mothers are suitable for exercise. If there is a history of abortion, heart, kidney disease, multiple pregnancy, placenta previa or irregular uterine bleeding, the phenomenon of the pregnant mother can’t do exercise during pregnancy. If the first time after exercise, with mild abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, also don’t do sports, go to the hospital examination. See the aerobics exercise during pregnancy is a kind of a "proper", so the pregnant mother do aerobics should also be suitable for pregnancy, some stretching, jumping, loading and pressure on the abdominal movements don’t do it. In addition to these, the aerobics exercise action collocation temperament during pregnancy, certain sport on the basis of mothers before they are said to be a very good choice. Dynamic and lively music can make pregnant mothers feel more relaxed and happy. Tips: Generally speaking, in the exercise, the pulse should not exceed 140 times / minute, the body temperature should not exceed 38 degrees, time to 30-40 minutes is appropriate.相关的主题文章: