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Nutrition You will not score in any sport without focus. Opponents would merely grab the ball from you. To be a great athlete, one must undergo rigid training. It is not an easy task, but it is the resolution to be successful in basketball. You cannot overcome compulsive behavior without a plan, and being focused to reach that goal. You have to get pumped up, determined, and focused. Set realistic goals. Your opponents should not weaken your desire to overcome compulsion. You must be determined to face temptation. Stay focused. Do not allow temptations to drift into your subconscious be firm and drive them out, they will crumble your stand. When you are tempted, be steadfast. Be on the alert that you are being tempted, accept it but refuse to give in. Do not yield when friends tempt you. Do not take in junk food and you will triumph. Applaud yourself when you succeed. It is earnest to refuse that you are helpless. Stubbornly refusing to do something has power. It is absolute refusal that makes decisions resolute. Being intent is to be fixed on something Be like an athlete ready for the battle. Be focused on your goal. Do not be inattentive. Just as an archer aims for the bull’s eye, he is intent to hit the target. After he has released his arrow, he relaxes and gets ready to be focused again. The focus is backbreaking. Stay focused. Emulate the athlete. Keep focused on the target and be engrossed on it daily, especially just before you eat or face temptation Once it is over, take it easy and prepare for the next target. The mind can be very determined, and you will often find that you have failed, heedless until it’s too late. This occurs to everyone. It can uplift you of your decision to be more vigilant. Firm decisions end mental wars. Weak decisions are useless. There will be moments you will compromise and feel like a failure. Be in control. If you have decided to finish a bowl of food per meal, decide to be hungry before eating. Be firm with your decision! "I am not being shoved anymore. I refuse to be controlled by food. I am steadfast. I am determined. I will not waver." The mental war ends. You are determined to succeed. Go over the reasons every day to reinforce the importance of your original decisions. The moment you weaken in your decision, the war begins. Do not buckle, you will succeed. Compulsion is a recurring pattern. Pain comes in, emotions stir to a storm: fear, insecurity, anxiety, emptiness and deprivation. These feelings will not exist if you stand firm. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: