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Food-and-Drink Bread often comes in several flavors, forms and shapes. Yet, they are ordinarily all the same. It is advisable to know a lot more about the numerous types to discover the numerous techniques of making them. The more you fully grasp the features and qualities of dough, the greater the quality of your products. Determine more about bread and see how much more you can add to create your own special taste and design. What exactly is Bread? Bread is actually a common food prepared by cooking water and dough of flour and possibly other substances. Doughs are normally baked in the Western world and a lot of other countries. In other cuisines, bread is fried, steamed or baked on a hot skillet. It might be unleavened or leavened too. Salt, leavening agents and fat like baking soda and yeast are important ingredients. Bread may also have other ingredients like egg, sugar, milk, spice, fruit like raisins, nuts like walnuts, vegetables like onion and seeds like poppy seeds. Bread is considered one of the oldest created foods in the world, dating back hundreds of years. Leavened bread can also be traced back to prehistoric times. More About Bread Fresh bread is acquired for its quality, aroma, taste and texture. It is substantial to maintain its freshness to keep the food appetizing. Bread that has dried or stiffened past its ideal state is known to be stale. Recent bread is usually wrapped in plastic or paper film. It may also be stored in a container like a breadbox to keep it from drying. Bread kept in moist and warm environments is prone to mold growth. Bread that is kept at low temperatures like being placed inside a refrigerator can grow molds slower compared to bread kept at room temperature. This will turn stale immediately because of retrogradation. The crumb is described by culinary experts and bakers as the soft inside part of the bread. This should not be mistaken with small pieces of bread that usually fall off called crumbs. The outside hard part of the bread is known as the crust. Serving Bread Bread can be served regardless of temperature. As soon as it is baked, it can eventually be toasted. Bread is usually eaten using your hands or a knife and fork. It can be eaten independently or together with other food and sauces like gravy, olive oil and sardines. It is also best served as a sandwich with cheese, vegetables or meat contained in between. About the Crust The crust of the bread is created from exposed dough during the cooking procedure. It is browned and hardened from caramelization of the proteins and sugars using the intense heat at the surface of the bread. The nature of the bread crust is various, based on the kind of bread and the manner of baking. Commercial bread is baked using jets the steam towards the bread directly to make a nice crust. Some bread crusts are unpalatable, especially among children. Crusts always have a diverse color compared to the rest of the bread. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: