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UnCategorized Have you ever considered the option to sell gold jewellery in order to get some extra money? All of us have old stuff in the form of necklaces, brooches and earrings that we may have got tired of wearing or they may be no longer in fashion. It is also possible that some of them are broken and beyond repair. It is likely that till now, you may have decided against disposing of them, thinking that such expensive jewellery may not get you the price you want. However the good news is that old jewellery, despite its vintage and condition can still get you a sizeable amount. You only need to sell them either online or through an auction. There will be enough takers in the form of buyers, who buy gold scrap. Let us look at them in some detail: a) Sale through auction sites to Collectors If you have some vintage pieces of jewellery, then listing them on auction sites such as E-bay would be a good option. These are valued correctly by genuine collectors if the jewellery pieces are in good condition and can still be worn. The only down side to this method is that it works pretty well only with individual pieces of merit and can cost you money going through the process of opening an E-bay account and listing the items you wish to auction. Taking the help of estate specialists to sell gold jewellery will also not serve the purpose since they would take their .mission on any sale and if they decide to buy them, you still would not get a fair price for the items you have listed. Yard sales are also likely to give you similar results and in the absence of the right buyer, your items will not fetch a fair price. One precaution to take care is to ask for cash immediately if the buyer is a stranger. Make sure you also take down their personal identification data such as the drivers’ license details, telephone number and so on. b) Sale to buyers of scrap gold This is by far the best option as there are many genuine .panies willing to purchase scrap gold jewellery. They would then melt it and use it as they find appropriate in minting coins or bullion. Here you can get prices that are very close to the prevailing market rate and you would not have to do much legwork. Such genuine buyers will provide clear instructions on how to dispatch the jewellery and will also pay for the postage. On receipt, they would let you know the price they would be willing to pay and it is up to you to accept or reject the offer. In your endeavor to sell gold jewellery, you would do well to also visit different sites and .pare their offers for such gold scrap. If your gold jewellery has precious stones, then make sure you look for a different buyer for them. You can find buyers who would gladly purchase gold in the form of coins, fillings and even diamond rings. Rather than them occupying empty space in your drawer, disposing of them can earn you good money which would always be useful to you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: