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The famous movie star Xia Meng’s death was known as the "Chinese Hepburn" – the Sohu news Yi Xia Meng the news of Xia Meng’s death sparked the star of her memory, the famous performing artist Liuxiaolingtong and others have made micro-blog tribute. Liuxiaolingtong: Ms. Xia Meng is a legend star, Hongkong "the Great Wall one of the three Princess" has died at the age of 83, she is the most perfect in my mind to Dong, I was in Beijing in 1983, with her visit, Ms. Xia Meng may take a good way! Cao Kefan: Mr. Dong said, "Xia Meng is not like a star, not telling a story…… A screen on the stage after only grief at separation and joy in union dream, Xia Meng still". 97 return to Hong Kong to interview her, a sweet old Shanghai absolutely intoxicating. After a lapse of nearly twenty years to meet the sea, "unequaled in beauty" is still fresh and elegant…… Today, Xia Mengru swallows fly, waved his hand, do not take a cloud…… Ishikawa: just want to sleep, Meng heard aunt Xia Meng did not cry! Do you want a good way to go! Yesterday morning, vice chairman of Shanghai Film Association, Shanghai Theater Academy professor Ishikawa Chiemihiro tribute to the famous performing artist Xia Meng, the famous host Cao Kefan micro-blog also expressed condolences, after many sources confirmed that the Hongkong film artist Xia Meng died on October 30th, aged 83. Xia Meng is known as "Chinese Audrey? Hepburn, working 17 years co starred in nearly 40 films in 2015, Xia Meng won the Shanghai Film Festival Chinese Film Award for lifetime achievement. He is known as "Chinese Hepburn Xia Meng, formerly known as" Yang? Native of Jiangsu Suzhou, was born in Shanghai in 1933. In 1947 Xia Meng moved to Hongkong with his family. In 1950, Xia Meng joined the Great Wall Co, began to use the "Xia Meng" from "A Midsummer Night’s dream" name and official debut. The 1951 film "marriage ban", was a student of Xia Meng with outstanding appearance and excellent performances in the film fame. Until 1966, starred in "winter jasmine flower" after announced yet, 17 years from the time of Xia Meng, 38 films. In 1979, Xia Meng founded the film company behind the transformation of Nirvana, has produced "," Youth passes as a fleeting wave. "boat people" and other films, "boat people" starring Andy Lau also won the film won the second Hongkong film awards best new actor nomination, began to emerge in the film circle. Xia Meng in the late 50s and 60s is popular in the Asian female star, the media reported that Shanghai "three days and nights for the night", refers to see Xia Meng in the "wedding night", the audience have to queue for three days and nights. Xia Meng is also known as the "Audrey of" by the audience and filmmakers, "the only female star in Hongkong who can compete with the likes of and Hepburn". In 2015, Xia Meng won the eighteenth Shanghai Film Festival Chinese film lifetime achievement award. Stories under the pen of Jin Yong as one of the Helen of Troy prototype year’s hottest female star, but Xia Meng did not gossip, the most widely circulated anecdote is that Jin Yong’s love for her. There is a saying in the circle相关的主题文章: