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General manager of FAW turmoil: the first half Xiali repeatedly shelved over 500 million deficit – Sohu financial newspaper reporter Wang Xin Beijing reported reading "Teng iron is unlikely to ride the succession, he was born in finance, the FAW Group is the chief accountant in August 11th, he had submitted his resignation, but soon retired, I estimate his successor is Qin Huanming." Insiders told reporters. Recently, FAW Xiali (000800.SZ) and (000927.SZ) have released the 2016 semi annual report, due to car sales downturn, declining competitiveness, dismal performance, FAW Xiali first half operating income of 1 billion 3 million yuan, down 50.93%, net profit of 519 million yuan loss; FAW car first half net loss of 826 million yuan, representing a decrease of 613.64%. Now the stock price fell, and FAW Xiali shares often stagnant. At the same time the annual financial losses, frequent personnel changes, and the recent sale of FAW Xiali FAW TOYOTA stake, has let the outside world have the FAW shares the overall market confidence. Some media said that this is a prelude to the adjustment of the FAW shares. FAW shares is gradually out of the Xiali car assets, then injected earnings quality assets to revitalize the shell, and the car business from the listed company after the separation of the two companies, the personnel changes, also easy to solve the FAW and FAW Xiali shares interbank competition problem. In this regard, securities analyst Cao He in an twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said: "the resumption of IPO is not credible, it should be said that the FAW shares have been listed on the work as a whole, the FAW Xiali FAW TOYOTA to sell shares, just confirms the FAW shares overall in the short term is difficult to avoid the risk of re listing, dubbed the title and *ST delisting. In fact, just to protect the shell." FAW Xiali suspension can save? The evening of August 24th, FAW Xiali report. The first half of the year, FAW Xiali operating income 1 billion 3 million yuan, down 50.93%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit loss of 519 million yuan. Unfortunately, FAW Xiali total could not get a satisfactory financial statements over the years. Through a sale of high-quality assets and *ST, FAW Xiali operating condition has not improved. The first half of 2016, FAW Xiali produced "Xiali", "Wei Chi" and "Chun" brand of 20785 cars, down 47.52%, sales of 19033 units, down 49.04%. The reason for the loss, FAW Xiali explained that due to the decline in the economy car company products the market segments in consecutive years, affect the company’s product upgrading and structural adjustment is not complete and other factors, the production scale is small, weak profitability of products, production capacity has not been fully utilized. Even insiders ridicule, this explanation is estimated within a few years can not change the wording. It is noteworthy that the evening of August 21st, FAW Xiali issued a notice of suspension, announced that the company intends to sell shares to the controlling shareholder of FAW FAW TOYOTA holds 15% of the shares.相关的主题文章: