Genies World Play School- Pitampura-cancam

Reference-and-Education Genies World Play School is situated in a quite lane of Pitampura, en.passing the area of 10,000 sq. feet. The building of the school is located next to an auspicious temple and is away from the traffic hazards. The school looks after the educational needs of the little ones and follows the English standard of teaching. It is a co-educational school that aims to develop the kids into a better citizen of tomorrow. The school ensures the secure, caring and enriched environment for the children that help in promoting the learning and development of the whole child. The school is totally devoted towards emotional, intellectual, physical and cognitive development of the child by .bining the modern teaching aids with variety of play based activities. It also provides world class facilities to the students in the campus. The play schools are very necessary for the growth of every child; therefore, Genies World Play School was established to fulfill the needs of world class play group education provider. According to the director of the school, the school is ranked as one of the leading play school in the country within the few years of its life span. The school believes in indulging the early childhood days in the maximum number of recreational and pleasurable activities. They believe that in the growing era of .petition, the child must develop a perception towards learning and reasoning in order to inculcate the basic behavioral skills. The school provides a positive and structured learning environment where child is exposed to crucial learning methods including self-realization and exploration. Genies World Play School stimulates the young minds to be.e friendlier to the concept of education, soak up the knowledge and prepare themselves for the more conventional and tremendously .petitive mode of education in future. The school .prises of smart classes so that the child learns the best by actively participating in constructing knowledge, self-directed investigations, play-way problem solving and critical thinking skills. The rooms are well lit, airy and cheerful and have a wide range of educational equipments. These facilities create a proper ambience of learning that is ideal for a child. The classrooms also have numerous audio visual aids and rich collection of books is available in the library. The school caters to the every hidden talent of the child through dance rooms, music rooms, toy rooms and art rooms. The school also includes a science park. Fresh and hygienically prepared mid day meals is also served in the school. The other facilities provided by the school are a big play ground, auditorium for various events, splash pool, medical room with a monthly checkup of the tiny-tots and a day boarding school. The day boardings are the excellent home for those students whose parents are working and cannot give proper care and time to their kids. The school provides the planned and protected environment to such kids. Genies World Play School believes that their best partners are the parents and the family of the kids. The rest success lies in the quality of human relationships. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: