German beer sashimi Chun sent A70 why chidushi ca1805

German beer sashimi Chun sent A70 why chidushi Germans claiming to drink beer to drink, if only to drink the drink "is the key to also be not at all surprising," standard level ", drink". In 1516, William IV of Archduke of Bavaria promulgated the "German" pure beer, beer can be made to the provisions of the German three raw malt, hops and water, so nearly five hundred years of German beer became synonymous with pure beer. Self proclaimed "wind sweeping fish nation" is also unwilling to Japanese. Japanese sashimi is the most famous, it is representative of Japanese cuisine, banquet or treat all civilians to serve sashimi is the highest etiquette. Sashimi writing "sashimi" in Japanese sashimi, is Chinese to address it. Sashimi is quite exquisite knife processing. No matter what kind of knife, must be the top knife, and the knife and raw material to a 90° angle. Standard Sashimi with a thickness of about 3 mm is appropriate, and the weight of each piece between 8~10 grams. Cut into transparent thin slices of paper on the table, dipped in spice chew, the taste of beauty. Foreigners never eat raw fish, tasted once to second times. Very fussy about food. Embodied in the country’s pillar industries – automotive manufacturing, Germany and Japan also have a fight. From the 1886 German Carle Benz won the "automobile inventor" crown, Daimler Benz Corp founded one of the world’s most famous car brand Mercedes, one hundred years of accumulation, hundred years makegerman car industry brilliant. It can be said that the German car is part of the German culture, an important part of the German culture is the German car. The only real love car nation can build the best car, at least, flowing blood, car car love to the bones of Germans think so. Japan’s auto industry, although a late start, but later in the home, will soon have TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN and other car prices. Especially the show behind the extreme functionalist philosophy reflects Japan’s more serious and pragmatic side of this country. A rational rigor, a pragmatic. It is exactly two joint venture brands China FAW, FAW Volkswagen, FAW TOYOTA, this is the FAW brand Chun school first A-class car Chun sent A70 "chidushi: learning international advanced automotive research and development, automobile manufacturing and quality management to create an excellent opportunity. At present, A0, A00 class car market is shrinking, consumer demand is gradually tilted to the A-class car market, A-class car is still the core of the market segments. Although sales have declined, but its share of the car market is as high as 60.7%. Directly into the market capacity of the largest and most competitive A-class car city, Chun sent A70 must have extraordinary ability. The so-called "daredevil". Chun sent A70 from R & D will be the beginning of the Bora, corolla, Yue this joint venture A-class models as standard models. The comprehensive performance of the market and user acceptance, on behalf of the German car Bora and good operation quality; corolla on behalf of the Japanese car comfort and humanization; high performance and high configuration Wyatt represents Korean cars. Choose this level of the most.相关的主题文章: