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Internet-and-Business-Online In the recent years, social media has been the focus of business owners when marketing their businesses. Especially for small businesses which are limited in advertising budget, this form of marketing promises more targeted and effective use of funds. With over One Billion people on facebook, it is no surprise why facebook .es to mind when talking about social media. It is free to create a page for your business on facebook, and the journey of getting fans/likes for your brand or product starts from there. There are many ways to increase exposure of your brand on facebook through free and paid means, and the success of marketing usually relies on the killer .bination of both. Providing regular updates and have someone monitor and answer questions is free and keeps visitors .ing to your site. However, if the word does not spread it fast enough, there is no harm to putting up some ads on facebook. Using facebooks website, a business owner or its representative can create different types of facebook ads within a few clicks to increase viewers to their page. They can choose to whom the ads are displayed, profiled by age, geographic location, their gender and even by their interests. They can also monitor the ads effectiveness from within the Ad manager and to tweak it if necessary. To find out more about facebook marketing, you can check out their facebook for business page. What if you are a business that targets other businesses (B2B) instead of people (B2C)? The same methods of advertising apply but it might not be as effective. What you need is the contact of your target customers through the information located on their business pages, but finding and looking through every page to extract the required information will take you ages. Facebook has a policy not to sell the contacts they collected, so you cant buy ready lists from them. However, there is a tool created that makes this easier. I am grateful that someone made a tool to get this information needed from facebook effortlessly. By typing in a keyword and location, all the needed information name like business name, contact telephone numbers, website, e-mail address, facebook page URL, even the number of likes and talking about are retrieved and presented neatly in a table. Clicking on the business name pops up facebooks message window so that you can send a message to the lead directly from the software. Clicking on the facebook page URL brings up their facebook page in your browser. Its so simple to have all the information you need collected for you. There is even an export to CSV function so that you can save this search and start searching for other leads using different keywords. In conclusion, facebook is the best place to get your leads no matter if you are doing B2B or B2C businesses. Start creating your pages today and join the million others who are already using facebook to reach and engage their customers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: