Get Started In Fashion Photography First Understand The Market-actv

Arts-and-Entertainment If you want to be a fashion photographer and shoot for magazines you’ll need a good level of .petence with a good grasp of the technical aspects of photography and can take a good well-lit well-.posed shot, consistently and you’ll need a big dose of talent too. You’ll also need tenacity and persistence. Perhaps you have gone to art school, maybe you’ve studied photography. Maybe you’ve just picked up a camera and worked with a photographer. You certainly won’t get anywhere in the highly .petitive field of fashion photography without a good level of .petence. The first step in starting any business is market research. Photography is no different. It’s just .plicated by factors such as art and passion. You need a market for your work. You therefore have two choices. 1 Find an existing style of photography that sells and copy it. 2 Develop your own style and find a market. This is what you will have learned as a student of photography. The two paths with determine the direction you follow. Successful photographers develop an individual style that is .mercial. This is the formula that will dictate success or failure Most businesses are based on the fundamental law of basic supply and demand. But by starting out in fashion photography you have already broken this first rule of business as supply outweighs demand. You will be entering an oversupplied market. Fashion photography is a desirable profession that requires minimal training and has a low cost of entry. Supply of this type of content will always outweigh demand. The advances in digital photography have magnified this effect, with almost anyone able to call themselves a fashion photographer. it is an enormously .petitive industry – you have to .pete against a huge number of other people – and really stand out. This makes your market research absolutely vital. You need to really understand exactly what your client wants. Get inside their head. Really research a niche, position and sell yourself to that niche. You need to thoroughly research: 1 The demand for content in that niche – what publications are there, how many, where are they based, how do they .mission work, who do they .mission, what is the work like, trends, styling, look and feel, who are they aimed at, what do the different audiences want? 2 The level of .petition – who are the leading players, how do they operate, how well established are they, who are the key stylists, who are the rising stars, what’s good about them, how do they operate, where do they .e from, do you get stylist and photographer teams? 3 Payment levels and methods – day rates, working free for credits, contracts, syndication and rights, how do they all work? Dig for detail. Talk to people. Look at publications, research on the web, get to know people. Build up a detailed picture of what’s going on in the niche you want to target. For example: if you want to shoot for a magazine such as Dazed and Confused, they have a group on flickr which they say they look at. This group has 17,500 members, not all of them are of them are serious contenders, but that number still shows you are going to be one among very many. So – how are you going to get noticed? What is it that that makes you different? That’s the next step – so first do your research and then we’ll look at how to get yourself noticed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: