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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The Christmas season is the most hectic and nail biting time of year. The traffic is atrocious and the city streets and highways are jammed with people who are in a hurry. Money is so tight you can squeeze green juice from it and everyone wants something from you, especially your time, which is always in short supply at this time of year. So how do you find and keep the Christmas spirit when all you want to do is crawl back under the covers and stay there until February. Read on, my tired and stressed out friend. You might just find something useful. The most important thing you can do to make your Christmas less stressful is to do your Christmas shopping early. Granted, you cannot shop for everyone early because some children, particularly the older teenagers will want the latest version of whatever techno device is .ing out just in time for Christmas. However, you can do the majority of your shopping early enough to make the rest seem easy by .parison. There is one day that occurs in the United States called Black Friday. As ominous as this sounds, it is actually a day that can benefit Christmas shoppers in a very big way. All the major retail stores set this day aside to have tremendous sales up to 80% off regular retail prices. They actually open their doors as early as 3am and stay open until midnight in many cases. However, the earlier you arrive, the better the selection. This is a great day to get everything (almost everything) done as far as your Christmas shopping goes. Take your time. Anytime you need to drive during the Christmas season, leave early, and plan to take your time. Drive slowly and be as courteous as possible to the idiots who do not have a clue and are driving around like bats out of hell. You will be so much happier if you actually make the attempt at being happy in traffic than if you let the madness get to you. Smile at everyone with whom you make eye contact. You may find that there are more of you, the driver’s that are being careful, than you think. Play a nice, soulful Christmas CD in your car and sing along with it. Control your breathing and remind yourself that this will not last and you will be okay. Do not forget to stop by the post office to mail your Santa letters or pick up your letters from Santa. The kids will love getting those just in time for Christmas. Doing something nice for someone is a great way to feel good about you and get into the Christmas spirit. This is especially true if you do something nice for a .plete stranger or someone that you do not necessarily like very much. Start by doing little things like holding a door open for someone or letting someone with fewer items get in front of you and your full shopping cart at the grocery or department store. Smile at everyone you meet and say merry Christmas to everyone who speaks. Drop a bill in the Salvation Army bell instead of change. Send as many Christmas cards as you can and always include a personal message. These are surefire ways to get into the spirit. My mother always said that the way to a great Christmas is through the bellies of those you love. Get in that kitchen and cook up some love with baked goods that will have the neighbors ringing your doorbell. There is nothing like a batch of homemade cookies left on your neighbor’s doorstep to foster good will and fetch up that Christmas spirit. It truly is a season of giving. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: