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Good students poor students only this 5 minutes, the parents do not know why the mother and daughter of the Sohu is always the first to take the children of others? I believe this is a lot of parents in the minds of a doubt. Give the child a cram school, looking at the children to write their homework, to buy a variety of auxiliary learning tool for children…… But the child’s achievement is not up. This is because many parents do not know the real reason for the difference in student achievement! The ability to concentrate on doing something is the real reason for the difference in academic performance. The survey found that a good student in the class, are very focused on the class, listen to the teacher carefully. These children are also very methodical when doing things at home, usually have a fixed time to do homework, read books, etc., and they are doing these things is also very dedicated. And a lot of poor academic performance of children, regardless of how the parents to monitor, reported no more cram school, they can not be put into a thing to do, the results will naturally not go up. So, no matter what to do, focus should be the premise. The child’s focus is so destroyed by parents! Many parents love children, which itself is not what is wrong, but also concerned about the occasion, you care not appropriate is likely to destroy the child’s attention! For example: once I take my daughter to the children’s library, daughter to where it immediately went straight to her favorite area of picture books. She drew a picture book, sat on the floor after read with relish. I was relaxed, not far away from her daughter looked at her quietly. At this point, a slightly anxious voice broke the quiet, oh, children, do not sit on the ground, ah, too cold, and quickly up." It was the mother of a little boy sitting next to my daughter. The boy had stood up, eyes are not left in the hand book. After a while, the boy’s mother said, "Oh, why are you sitting down again? Not to tell you that the ground cool, it will be diarrhea." This time the boy stood up again, but also put down the hands of the book has not yet read. After this boy has been hanging out, not far away from me again picked a book to read. Just did not see for a while, the mother will be handed over to the kettle, said: "drink some water, otherwise it will get angry." The boy didn’t respond at first, but he couldn’t resist his mother’s insistence. Then the little boy looked at it and then left. I do not think this mother must know, her concern, the child’s attention has been destroyed. In fact, such a scene is usually a lot of children in the family, the family will be careful, do not burn, eat more vegetables"…… So how to let the children eat? When the children do homework, mother will give a glass of water, a moment of concern, said: do not learn too late oh". Ask the child how to concentrate on learning? Cultivate children’s focus is to cultivate habits! Concentration is a habit, and habits to be trained from childhood, grasping the sooner, the better the effect behind. In our daily life, we often see that the child has just bought a new相关的主题文章: