Guangzhou provident fund loans from the new deal this month without proof of income crycry

Guangzhou provident fund loan new deal this month loans without proof of income Dayang   announced that the Guangzhou housing provident fund management center the day before, from the beginning of this month, workers to apply for provident fund loans do not need to provide proof of income, the income of loans identified in accordance with the standard meets the Guangzhou provident fund deposit base cap is divided into two types: employees provident fund deposit base of Guangzhou has not reached the upper limit of the deposit base, the personal income to deposit base for quasi deposit base; limit is reached, the deposit base and pay high value that income, wages to units in the center to register for the amount of quasi. Yesterday, the rules of this policy further landing. According to the source of mortgage general manager Zheng Dayuan said yesterday, the provident fund system should deal with renovation completed on-line. In addition to loan applicants, buyers can also provide a spouse or other common property in the central provident fund deposit the provident fund deposit base, and the total deposit base only need to apply for provident fund loans for more than two times, which meets the conditions for application. In addition, the applicant for the loan portfolio, the part of its commercial loans for the month is not calculated. It is worth mentioning that, if the spouse is in different places deposit fund, its deposit base is not included in the calculation of the application. In accordance with the provisions of the provident fund deposit base is in accordance with the average monthly wage of workers on a monthly basis to adjust the actual wage. In July 1st this year, Guangzhou housing fund management center issued the "2016~2017 annual housing provident fund deposit issue" pointed out: the individual workers housing provident fund deposit base adjustment in 2015 the average wage of individual employees. Deposit base of not less than the minimum wage in Guangzhou 1895 yuan, in principle, shall not be higher than the 2015 Guangzhou Urban Non private units average wage of workers is 3 times of the month, that is 20292 yuan; good economic benefits of deposit units, the average monthly wage of workers is more than 20292 yuan, according to the actual application of temporary workers deposit base, but not exceeding a maximum of 33820 yuan. It is reported that in January 1, 2016 after the new workers to participate in the work, from the beginning of second months to participate in the work of the housing provident fund deposit, with its participation in the work of the second month salary as the deposit base. In January 1, 2016 after the redeployment of staff transferred from the beginning of the month, the housing provident fund deposit, the deposit base salary as transferred together. However, in practice, the deposit base free choice of space, different companies, units deposit situation has a certain gap. (Canton newspaper reporter Lai Weihang) editor: GDN006相关的主题文章: