Haining city wide pond, keep your memory [eleven] – special tourism Sohu mia farrow

Haining city wide pond, keep your memory [eleven] – special tourism Sohu each city has its own unique memory, need to survive. In Zhejiang, Haining, this place is called Tai tong. Haining city south, close to the Qian Tang River, is the width of the pond, this is a new street, can also be seen as the Haining local traditional culture show. Brick paved road, since some fine rain slippery road on both sides of the house is a modern building, the middle is the representative of traditional culture, like a hundred years ago the people of Haining courtyard. The road is lined with shops, restaurants and soil characteristics, also has a cafe petty, chic decoration. Antique house, has become increasingly scarce, it is necessary to keep up, and allow the next generation to understand the past and the development of a city. This is located in Haining Qiantang River north of the city, a strong culture, Jin Yong, Wang Guowei, Xu Zhimo from the land. Just come here to go shopping on the weekend, is also a good place to go shopping, dining, fashion shops and traditional buildings. Choose a roadside soil restaurant, taste the taste of Haining, the local characteristics of the local dishes is my favorite. Dishes not be beautiful and bright, common practice, the price of civilians. In Haining Tong Tong, feel the traditional charm. Sina micro-blog river_2014 WeChat ——————————–: River No.: river2014_tour ——————————– statement: the picture and text is owned by river2014 all the rivers, please do not reprint without authorization, without permission, please do not use for commercial purposes. ——————————–相关的主题文章: