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Han Nuo "artificial warm male" revealed verse: it is my friends – Sohu entertainment movie Sohu by star entertainment news recently, into the horizon (Shanghai) film produced, hoking studio production planning, Han and Sun Jiaqi, Taliff, Zang Zhizhong, Nobel led urban fantasy network movie starring "artificial warm male" officially released, Han and Nobel played Tian Xiaojun in the film if exposed the verse. The film tells the story of the heroine Tian Xiaojun after the lovelorn, accidentally met a canned warm man. The warm man took her out of the haze of love, to help her understand the reasons for breaking up boyfriend, but in the end for her to sacrifice their own stories. South Korea movie and Nobel into harmless, years of quiet good soft girl "Tian Xiaojun", lovelorn drink in the bar of the screen people could not help but feel love and affection. But this is her, with friends complain frequently broke verse, seemingly nonsensical dialogue with friends, let people laugh at the same time, but also the time of their romance filled with a thousand regrets, probably just like this. As a dead-alive person like sadness in their own world, do not listen to her persuasion, is full of that to abandon their men. "When love is gone, people are dead", "I do not have the heart where there is love". See these words, users have raised their hands, said: Yes, it is me!" Yes, that’s right, that’s me ".   相关的主题文章: